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Assalamualaikum & hi readers!

Travel with kids?
Legoland Johor Bahru is the best choice!

Gonna share with u guys, our Legoland experience, including Legoland Malaysia Hotels' Review, the Legoland Themepark, Sealife Malaysia, and all our activities there!

Legoland Malaysia Hotel Room 

For our stay, Papa Rifqi booked Pirate Room which was on promo!!! 
The room cost us RM599 instead of their usual price RM799! 💗
And for that price, we got a bedroom that can fit 5-6 persons, and breakfast for 2, (kids eat for free)!

Inside this Pirate Room, there're one king-sized bed, one double decker bed with an extra pullout bed...
So basically boleh tidur 5-6 person la 😆

Since there're only 3 of us, we have wasted a few beds haha...

Also, inside the room, there's also Lego for your kids to play with. So the kids will have so much fun staying in... 

Enjoying his lego a lil bit too much... kalau kat rumah takde pulak nak main macam tu eh!

Buffet Dinner : Bricks Family Restaurant

As for dinner, we decided to have our dinner at the hotel itself, so that we won't waste much time travelling looking for dinner place outside...

The buffet dinner was so good! 
There're lots of menu, some are ready made, such as lauk-lauk melayu/chinese inspired dishes, stew, potato salads, fried rice, sate and all...

On the other hand there're  also menu that made to order, such as pasta & bbq... 

The dinner was delicious! 
Overall, it is worth the price!

RM103 nett (Adult)
RM56 nett (Kids)

I choosed Creamy Seafood Bowtie Pasta

Buffet: Breakfast @ Bricks Family Restaurant

The next morning, we had our breakfast at the Bricks Family Restaurant before we go off to the LEGOLAND THEMEPARK!!!

There're brewed coffee, juices, coffee and tea...
Food varies from Malay dishes, western breakfast, cereals, salads, pastries etc...
Everything's complete... 💕
But I have no pictures to describe that... (Taksabar nak pergi Legoland gitu lah)



If you're staying at the Legoland Hotel, the themepark is just right behind the hotel. U just gotta get down by the elevator... and there's Legoland entrance right in front of u!

Since we went on a Thursday, the place wasn't too crowded...

Legoland Themepark can be divided into 7 parts: Lego Technic, Lego City, Lego Kingdoms, Miniland, Imagination, Land of Adventure & Lego Ninjago World.

The Beginning

As we enter the Legoland Themepark Malaysia, we were welcomed with a few shops selling all the Lego stuffs and merchandises...

But we don't wanna shop just yet... 😝
So we headed to the next section first...

Near to the entrance

Lego City

After that, we headed to Lego City...

Rides & attractions in Lego City: Driving School, Lego City Airport, Legoland Express, Boating School, Rescue Academy and more!

First, we let Rifqi go for the Driving School, this one is only for kids, so we just wait for rifqi to enjoy the ride... 

After that, we just enjoy all the other rides and attractions inside the Lego City... 

We also gotta watched a stage show performed by the Lego Ninjago...

Lego City.

Driving School

Boating School

Being firefighters at the Rescue Academy.

My little firefighter

Land of Adventure

Land of adventure is one of our favourite place! 
There's one ride, called Dino Island...

Sejak tengok movie Keluarga Iskandar The Movie, memang kitaorang aim sangat ride yang ini! 😆
This ride is reallyyy fun, but it finished too fast, I think... 
Well good times won't last long, orang putih kata... 😅

Dino Island.
(Photo Courtesy to Google)

Lego Ninjago World

Here, we only tried the Lego Ninjago The Ride, where, u must defeat the Great Devourer on the most advanced 4D ride Asia has ever seen! Control the elements of fire, earth, lightning, and ice with just your hands!

Entering Lego Ninjago World

Lost Ninjago The Ride

Our scoreboard

Lego Kingdom

Lego Kingdom is one of our favourite section!

There's a castle, and the set up of this section is nice & instaworthy. We spent quite some times here enjoying the rides and attractions here...!

We went for a few rides such as: Dragon's Apprentice, Merlin's Challenge, and Royal Joust 

Had some snacks while waiting for Rifqi and his papa enjoying  the Dragon's Apprentice. It is a roller coaster that suitable for kids...

Royal Joust


At this section, not much to do... 
Or should I say, we can't go anywhere cause Rifqi found a playground and he wanna play there since there's a lots of other kids around. He met some new friends as well...

We went for the Observation Tower ride as well. Here, we gotta enjoy 360 degree view of the park as the tower rises to the sky.

Basically we can see the beautiful view of Iskandar Puteri from the tower.

But, there's a pizza restaurant here, so if you and your kids are hungry, u might want to try their pizza! 

Mama & papa just gotta wait for Rifqi main dengan friends... but it is a good thing tho that we could rest our legs...

On the way to the Observation Tower.

Observation Tower

Lego Technic

Lego Technic is another interesting section!
Many great rides for u to experience!

We gotta experience a few: Technic Twister, The Great Lego Race & Aquazone Wave Racers

Fyi, The Great Lego Race is another ROLLER COASTER u can find here...
Thus, it's only Rifqi and his papa went for that ride, while I wait for them and find the right angle to get their pictures.

In front of The Great Lego Race ride. 

Aquazone Wave Racers


As we walk thru the Mainland, we can see lots of statues, and countries landmarks built with lego pieces and they were beautiful and complicated and amazing!!!

Photo courtesy to Legoland Malaysia Website

Photo courtesy to Legoland Malaysia Website

Photo courtesy to Legoland Malaysia Website

Last but not least, before we leave Legoland Themepark, we spent some times to shop inside The Brick Shop which located near to the Legoland Entrance... 

We bought some t-shirts, only, as Rifqi refused to choose any Lego that day... He's kinda moody 'cause tak sabra nak pergi Aquarium...

this is the entrance near to the Mall of Medini

we found this entrance when we were headed to Mall of Medini to look for Burger King...

Sea Life Malaysia

Sea Life Malaysia showcasing more than 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones, featuring 13,000 sea creatures from 120 species!

We were so excited to see the beautiful sea creatures swimming around us.
I would say that, Sea Life is a beautiful Aquarium. It gives u the good vibes and u can see the sea creatures clearly and your kids will enjoy it!

Highly recommended!

Photo courtesy to the Legoland Malaysia Resorts Website.

Ticket Prices 

1 day Double Park
Theme Park + Aquarium

Our tickets priced at👇
Adult: RM249
Child: RM200

For more details on the tickets, logon to Legoland Resorts Malaysia website!


🎢Legoland Themepark

🛶Legoland Waterpark
🐟Sealife Malaysia
🏬Mall of Medini (ada byk kedai makan)
🌃Bandar Iskandar Puteri
🛍️20 minutes drives to JOHOR PREMIUM OUTLET
🌉20-30 minutes drives to Bandaraya JB


Overall,  our visit to Legoland Malaysia & our stay at the Legoland Malaysia Hotel & Resorts, is worth it!
Your kids will love it! And it can refresh your childhood memories, too! 


  1. Pernah menginap kat Legoland Hotel ni masa anak Sekolah Rendah. Punyalah teruja dia sebab biliknya cantik, ada treasure chest juga nak dapatkan hadiah dalam chest tu. Anak tidur kat bunkbed. Sana sini sinun Lego. Memang best sangat2. Nak nak anak sambut hari jadi kat cafe dalam Legoland. Cakap je birthday anak kemudian kakak dan abang tu bawak kek dan lilin sambil nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday untuk Dania.

  2. tengah servey servey review Legoland dari blog lain juga, tahu tahu sini dh buat review. So makin trust laa nak pegi menginap di legoland lepas ni.

  3. Huhuhu... dah lama I x visit Lego Land. The last time visited there with friends was in 2015. I wish to visit Lego Land again someday.

  4. We love and miss Legoland Malaysia so much! Pirate Room is really good deal now ya

  5. Memang tepat pilihannya.Tapi tulah, kalau datang Legoland ni satu hari pun tak cukup sebab banyak lagi tempat menarik kat Legoland ni anak-anak boleh explore.Hotel dia pun best kan?