Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Rifqi's Birthday at School

 Assalamualaikum & hi!

And finallyyy, after a long wait of two years, we finally managed to throw Rifqi a birthday party at school 😉

It is his 6th birthday this year! 

A week before his birthday, we already told his teacher that we would love to have him celebrate his birthday at school with his friends.

However during his birthday, we, as parents are not allowed to be there together with Rifqi because of the pandemic, still.

So, we just peep thru the window and everything else were taken care by his teachers.

The Cake

I search thru instagram and FB for nice birthday cake...

Know what worst? This year, Rifqi don't even have a preference on what cake he wants...

'Cause during the month of his birthday, his obsession only towards Five Nights at Freddies. It is a game actually.

Dah tu, takkan i nak order cake FNaF tu pulak, kang pelik pulak teacher dengan kawan2 dia tak tau tu apa😂

I finally found a homemaker whom bake beautiful cakes...
Visit their IG here ↑

I ordered a cake, coated with white buttercream (taknak color2 so that baju budak tak kotor)
And I asked the baker to just draw Rifqi's favourite stuffs (Sushi, cat, burger, gun) on top of the cake.
And yeayyy! It turns out so beautiful!

The Food

For the food, we ordered Mc'Donalds Happy Meal.
Rifqi's class only consist of around 20 students, so we just ordered around 24 packs.

We knew that the kids gonna enjoy fast food like that!

The Goodies

And as for the goodies, we bought everything inside the goodie bags from: 1. Shopee; 2. Kedai Boring kat Equine.

There're basically junk food & some crafts, erasers and toys.

Paper Bags I bought from Shopee

The stuffs inside the bag

Photos of Rifqi & his Friends

I'm just put it here for memories sake...
He only turns 6 once! 💖

Rifqi & his Teacher Yong

With Eva

With Braxton

With Khyra

With his best friend, Nabil

With Qadriah

With Enoq

With Yun Ze

With Ava Jones

With Jensen

With Yong Haw/Yong hai

With Charlotte

With Adriel

With Matthias

Hope Rifqi enjoy his birthday at school. And I'm keeping the memories here! For him!

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