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Shanghai : Day 2 (Novotel Clover & Shanghai Wild Animal Park)

Well, guys, when i started to update, i'm becoming more and more progressive and i wanted to get it done fast! So, expect a continuous posts about the Shanghai getaway! ♥

 13/03/2018 (Mon)

Novotel Shanghai Clover 

First thing first, we were staying at Novotel Shanghai Clover for the first three nights (12-15/03/2018). 
This is because this hotel is near to the Shanghai Disneyland. So, we set our activities near to this hotel for this two days! Both Disneyland and Shanghai Wild Animals Park are nearer to this hotel, as compared to the city.

The downside is, there is nothing to see, i really mean it, NOTHING to see around this area!
Even shops!!!
As for foods, we always carry an electric rice cooker and we brought foods from Malaysia as well whenever we traveled to a non-muslim country. 

This is how the room looks like, fyi, rooms in China is normal, i mean as for place like Hong Kong, their hotel room is very small and pricey!

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Early morning after breakfast, we walk to the subway station. KangXin Highway Station is the nearest to our place, only 5 minutes of walking distance.

KangXin Highway Station(Line 11) - LuoShan Road(Change to line 16) - Wild Animal Park Station

After that we took a taxi from the station to the Wild Animal Park, it was around 5-10 minutes from Wild Animal Park Station. 

Walking to the KangXin Station. First day morning, semangat amik gambar!!!

Shanghai Wild Animal Park 上海野生动物园

Entrance fees : 130yuan/person

If you ask me is it worth visiting this place? My answer is definitely yes! Big YES!
The entrance fee is 130 yuan per adult.
And for feeding the animals, u need to pay for another 20 yuan per adult.
I totally understand why. I think this is to control the crowd inside the animal shelters so that the animals won't be too shock with the China people. No offence. China people is kinda "wild"... 
Is it offensive? Sorry... 

Rifqi was so excited even from the entrance.
Actually, even from Malaysia, i've already told him that we gonna sit on a flight, check into a hotel, and then go feed giraffe, elephants and so on the next day.
So he was already excited from the start. He kept on asking me about feeding giraffe everyday.

So today is the day!
He's the happiest kid on the planet today!
He really loves animals, and i'm sooo happy seeing he's so overjoyed

This is at the entrance. And Rifqi kissed all the pandas there =.=

Baru nampak Flamingo dah amaze, tu belum masuk dalam lagi tuuu... <3 br="">

Rifqi and Tok Ma in the tram.

We took the tram in the park, which, is also chargeable.
30 yuan per person if i'm not mistaken.

Swan feeding

The first stop is near the Safari.
But, our eyes glued to the beautiful lake with lots of swans. Yes, Rifqi never seen so many swans like this before! He's so excited! For him, it was like, everything i said becomes reality :p

So we bought swans foods from a machine, and started to feed the swan by the lake...

I was the one who fed the swan, 'cause if Rifqi, habis tangan digigit dek swan nanti. Cause my hand pun jadi mangsa...


And then, we line up to go on the buses which will take us into the Safari.
This buses is free, but there were also private trucks if u want some privacy, the trucks is chargeable...
Again, the Safari not dissapointing!
So many animals running around, active and healthy!

There were bears, cheetahs, tigers, lions, wolves, zebras, giraffes, hippos, rhinos and so on!!!

And my personal opinion, we enjoyed the Safari so much!
Kalau kata bear, bukan sekor dua but segerombolan (ha penjodoh bilangan pe tu), bear yang keluar.
Same goes to other animals like wolves, lions, etc.
Btw, i was quite jakun tengok wolves, i think it's my first time... Selalu tengok Twilight je.

First, souvenirs shop!!!

Giraffe feeding

Price : 20yuan per person
Again, Rifqi is the happiest person!
The girrafes are friendly and they are so cute! 
One giraffe came near us and ready to be fed, when we gave him the leaves, he lowered down his neck to get it. But when our hand try to touch his neck, he'll step backward. But he'll come back for more foods.
He took the leaves using his tongue. Rifqi memang tooo happy! The best day of his life!


Acah-acah pandang camera pulak giraffe ni...

 Kangaroo feeding

Price : 20yuan per person
We can rarely see kangaroos here ;p
The spaces they provide for the kangaroos are wide. The kangaroos were jumping here and there happily.
There were kangaroos in Zoo Taiping too ya know, but the kangaroos barely jump, 'cause the space are too small, kesian them...

And Rifqi, he looks like a kangaroo himself, too!
Jumping and running here and there chasing the kangaroos...

Finally, there were one mummy kangaroo and one baby kangaroo came to us to be fed.
So cute!

This place only provides bullets kinda foods for us to fed.
Sebenarnya, kangaroo makan apa eh? I serious tak tau...
Maybe i should google now! 

Family photo timeee...

Baby kangaroo and not so baby Rifqi...


Comel gegile kangaroo dekat sini! Anak melayu sorang ni pun comel macam mama dia!


Zebra feeding

Price : 20yuan per person
Sorry of you notice too many word "fffffeeding" in this entry.
That was Rifqi main happiness on that day!
Even until now he's still thinking about feeding the animals!

I would say zebra is fiercer (ada ke perkataan ni?) than kangaroo.
And their teeth are scarier. haha... No, i mean, if kena gigit, sakit jugak...

So we had to use sticks to feed these zebras... (refer to the pictures below)...
They ate carrots and other veges.
But i can only remember carrots...

Waited to be fed.

Orang lain makan ikut atas, zebra sekor ni bijak semacam! Makan ikut tengah,,, Maybe cause he saw Rifqi was too small...

More animals

Besides feeding the animals, there were more animals to see here!
Alpacas, penguins, elephants, hippos, lemurs, racoons, and the highlight here was definitely panda!


Cute little penguins
Tried hard to see the penguins!

Where are u penguin?

We're all ready to visit pandas!

Can u spot the panda in between of Rifqi and Puksu Boy?

We asked him to kiss the panda. But i'm not sure who's kissing who... Poor panda :p

Mens talk...

Rifqi is too friendly... He met so many friends while in China...

Elephant watching with Puksu Boy... No elephant riding please... Mama is too scared...

Part 3 ...

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