Monday, April 9, 2018

Shanghai : Day 1 & Tips and Tricks to Shanghai.

I've been thinking, keeping the post for too long, is not a good idea...

 Salam, all!

Well, for those who has been following my insta feed(which would probably are my friends), would know that I went to China last month, for vacation. Shanghai, to be specific. 
They might be annoyed with all my insta posts as well, maybe i posted too many photos from the trip. 
I'm annoyed with myself, too...
(typing this while fixing my mask on my face...)

Well, why China? Easy, cause we still can only afford Asia! :p
Hahaha... (It's such a relieve to be honest, phew)

And this is a trip with my entire family, so my papa always always prioritize his grandson...
So we have to make sure our itenarary/activities includes Rifqi the most!
Got it, Izzat? (he's the tour guide a.k.a. the trip planner)

Shanghai is such a perfect choice when we do research!
Especially we are travelling with a toddler.
Short flights(with transit somemore), many animals places, and (definitely) Disneyland

So many things to share about Shanghai... But i would like to share a few tips and facts here, before i start off with all the entries of the places we've visited!

1. I speak Chinese (Mandarin). 

Only people who went to China would know that, language is such a barrier, there! In my experience, only like 5% of them knows English?! I'm not trying to brag, but, am I right, whoever went to China before?
Taxis, hotels, attractions, u better name them in Chinese, write it on a paper or something.
The best way is, (which most of the people do), hire a tourist guide, real tourist guide.

But fyi, we didnt have any tourist guide but ourselves. It was quite hard at first, but it gets easier! Practice makes perfect!

2. China is cheap.

Yes, in terms of taxis, halal foods, as well as shopping.
I went to Korea, and the foods are wayyy more expensive. And Japan, of course u cannot compare the prices to Japan!
The taxis in Shanghai City(not any rural area) is cheap, but make sure the taxis are using metre.If they're not, then tipah mungkin tertipu. We encounter the same situations as well when we were not staying in the city for day one and two! We stayed a bit far from the city(but near to the Disneyland and the Animal Park), and the taxis prices were $%&*^(@...

For foods, most of the places, the prices started from 10 yuan. Isnt that cheap? 

3. Shanghai is huge.

Well, to go to some of the places, u need to use car. OR else, u gotta change a lot of trains(which is tiring, and lost of times).

 That's all for now, u gotta read all my posts cause i'm gonna share more...  

Well, stay tune to my entries k! Really appreciate it!

Day 1 , Day 2Day 3 , Day 4Day 5 , Day 6 , Day 7 , Day 8

Rifqi last trip in bassinet.

He enjoyed it a lil bit too much. YES, enjoy it kiddo while u can!

He kept on telling the stewardess "nak dodok" (duduk), when the stewardess take back the bassinet, nasib stewardess HK, tak paham melayu...

Hello Shanghai, Rifqi is here!!!
Part 2...

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