Monday, March 5, 2018

Final birthday celebration of 2X18 @ Essence, Sheraton KL.

And we celebrated my birthday with my whole family at the Essence @ Sheraton KL.
We always loves the buffet there! The foods are fresh and very delicious.

And we were lucky for during our visit there there are Sri Lankan foods on the buffet table.
So, we gotta taste the delicacies from Sri Lanka as well.
Yang chef Sri Lanka nya kemain semangat paksa2 i try their foods.
Lucky that my taste buds can accept any taste!

And my favourite of all was definitely their sushis and sashimis.
I keep on going back to the sushi sections to top up my sashimis.

While there is a section that serves various kind of noodle soups.
From Tom Yum, Curry, or just plain soup u can choose from! 
So senang lah we can take kuey teow soup for Rifqi and top them up with his favourite fish balls and broccoli. And there is freshly cooked pasta too, so Rifqi can have his white sauce pasta as well! 
So we can eat buffet dengan tenang while Rifqi menyepahkan meja bila dia dah kenyang!

We really loves the buffet here, and their service & reasonable price always kept us coming back here!

My favourite! Rasa nak lari pergi Sheraton sekarang!

I love u Rifqi, husband, papa, mama & adik! I know u'll always stand by my side on my good or bad times...Thank u Allah for giving me these!

Birthday mama lagi ye sayang, jangan ingat birthday Iqi pulak...

My everything.

Mula lah tu, bila ada benda yang kita halang dia buat...

Pengampu no.1 Tokki.

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