Friday, July 20, 2018

Short Getaway : KL, Berjaya Hill & Genting Highland

06/05/2018 (Sat)
Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

We decided to take Rifqi for a short getaway, in KL, just for relaxing purpose, and coindcidently, we got free hotel in Genting Highland from a contest, so we went to Genting Highland as well! Weekend well spent! 

Husband booked Concorde Hotel KL as it was among the cheapest during that time...
And the staff was so nice, we got upgraded from a deluxe to a suite room! 

Rifqi favourite part was definitely the swimming part.
Concorde is equipped with one adult pool and one children's pool. 
Just nice for a family time.
I had to go under the water too to accompany Rifqi and his papa =.=

This is why we decided to stay in a hotel with pool in KL first before heading to Genting.
So that Rifqi gotta swim on the Saturday evening and  the Sunday day morning after breakfast.

He was the happiest kid ever!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gula Petite, IOI City Mall

I have been wanting to write about this place since a while.
IOI City Mall is one of the most that my family and I frequently go to, for shopping, dining, window shopping and all.
And one of my favourite cake place, is located here! 

Location of the cafe
There were one night where the shops were almost close, i saw this cake shop (Gula Petite), right after having dinner at Marrybrown. This small bakery is located right infront of the Marrybrown and the Ice Skating Ring.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Raya Pertama 2018 ♥

As for this year, we celebrated our first day of raya in my hometown, Segamat.
We went back to Segamat on Wednesday night, so we only gotta puasa in Segamat for one day! 
One day is not enough!!! :((
Not much to do already cause we're too busy preparing for raya already.

As usual, the night before raya (malam raya lah!), mama will be very busy cooking raya foods.
And i'll be busy helping (ceh konon!) 
Yeah, yang boleh2 tolong i tolong lah, such as, tolong tengok, tolong makan, tolong membawang... :p
And potong2 sayur ke, or tolong kacaukan kuah bila mama busy benda lain ;p

Monday, June 11, 2018

Inisfree Hauls & Reviews of Orchid Enriched Cream & Matte Full Cover Cushion

Inisfree has always been my FAVOURITE KOREAN SKINCARE BRAND!
This started when i visited Seoul last year! 
Skincare shops are everywhere, and i tried quite a lot of brands from the visit, but i totally in love with Inisfree! 

Inisfree offer the best deal in terms of price and quality!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Rifqi turns 2

To Rifqi :

My birthday boy. My forever baby

Happy birthday my beloved son, my first born, and my forever baby...
(He'll read these one day :p)
Mama loves u and u know it! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

The 3rd Anniversary : Breakfasting @ Le Meridien Putrajaya

It's happens that this year, our anniversary falls on Ramadhan...
We are less and less romantic nowadays, so we only had buffet berbuka puasa for the celebration. 
Plus, romantic is not applicable when Rifqi is around, haha! 

The buffet review

We're so used to Le Meridien dinner buffet.
But as for berbuka puasa, they were some additional menus that can't be seen on a regular days.
They served foods around the globe which includes some Viatnamese cuisines, Indonesian cuisines, Taiwanese cuisines, Hong Kong's cuisines, besides the usual Indian, Chinese, Western, Japanese cuisines...

As usual, i always loves their sushi & western cuisines such as lasagna & beef/lamb stew!
They were superb!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's just an Anniversary dedication post ♥

How time flies, we've married for three years! 

And we've been dating for 9 years? oh wow! I deserved more Pandora charms for sticking with u for 9 years, dont u think Izzat? :p

Happy anniversary to my other half.
I'm not sure whether he'll read this of not, 'cause when we were dating(and when we were still strangers, he read all of my posts, never missed! :p Nowadays, i'm not sure :p 

But anyway anyhow, happy 3 years of marriage, my Izzat sayang! 
Love u till jannah. (The most cliche but true statement ;)

Friday, May 18, 2018


It is obvious that we have been less coffee hunting nowadays (as compared to last time, before we are parents).

Thus, one evening, we were headed to Shah Alam with no plan, and we decided to go for coffee, and we saw Kopimeo in Seksyen 9 Shah Alam while most of the coffee shops there were close, so we really dont mind to have our evening coffee there!

Entering the cafe, first thing we saw was, there's a small area for kids to play. Although it's small,but it was helpful, cause ya know, kids, they love to play with the new toys, so that kept Rifqi busy, and with that, my husband and I can have our coffee and cakes peacefully.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Shanghai : Day 7 & 8 (Jiang Nan Silk Shopping Centre, Yu Yuan Bazaar)

17/03/2018 (Sun)

Jiang Nan Silk Shopping Centre

Silk places is so hard to find in Shanghai.
We thought it would be easy, and we thoug ht thatwe can buy China silk anywhere in China, we thought that the silk will be bersepah-sepah, but we were wrong, lucky that we googled and found this place, no, my husband found this, actually. He's a great googler, lol. 

So, we took the subway from our station(Pudong Avenue-Line 4) to ZhongTan Road(Line 4).
And we have to walk aaaaa lot. I mean, really a lot, before we reached the Silk Shopping Centre.
Actually, it's better to stop at the JiangNing Road Station(Line 13), 'cause it's nearer.

Read a lot of bad review about this place from other tourists, but well, we aware that China people tend to cheat(but they're good in doing business), so, we just have to beware!
Well, we've been terkena also though sometimes...

So, as we enter the Silk Museum/Silk Shopping Centre, we were provided with a tour guide(that can speak English, i think she's the 2nd one i found in China who speak English). 
So she brought us to the place where the silk is produced, took us to the blanket place and everything. And in the end of the day, we told her we just wanted to buy silk, for clothes.

So we go back to our main point, choosed our silks, pay and leave!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Shanghai : Day 6 (Shanghai Zoo, Qibao Ancient Town, Zhong Hua Niu Rou Mian, Hard Rock Cafe)

16/03/2018 (Sat)

For our 6th day in Shanghai, we have Shanghai Zoo, Qi Bao Ancient Town and Hardrock Cafe in our itenarary. All the places we gonna visit were quite far from the Shanghai City. So my papa decided to charter a car for all of us.

We called Ah Jiang (a taxi driver we met during our visit on the first day.). He was our driver throughout the day. He was so nice and dedicated. It made our day easier!