Thursday, January 24, 2019

#OOTD : Hubs Birthday Weekend

Top \\ Voir
Jeans \\ Levi's 711
Wedges \\ Charles and Keith
Bag \\ Kate Spade
Shawl \\ Duck
Lipstick \\ By a girl like you

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hubs 2019 Birthday Celebration @ Farenheit 100

Having cake on birthday celebrations is crucial nowadays, must include candles somemore!
Because someone is so eager to blow the candle, everytime.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

His Birthday Lunch @ Two Sons Bistro

It's his birthday celebration, again! 

Actually, this wasn't my plan, at all!
I actually tried to book a table at The Forum KL few days before, but no one's picked up my call.
And so, we straight away go there, but guess what, the restaurant was close and only open in a few hours... Macam tempat tak berjaga. Sooooo dissapointed with The Forum cause from their FB, macam helok sangat tempatnya! 

Two Sons Bistro

So after the incident, we drove to Publika, and finally choosed Two Sons Bistro.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Husband's Birthday Dinner @ Le Meridian KL

My parents take birthday seriously, and keep on asking me where to take his favourite menantu for dinner :p 
And they loves good buffet.

We search for good deals at faves and found one, we go for Le Meridian KL. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Zoo Negara Malaysia

It was a sudden idea of my papa to take his grandson to the zoo, on the first day of 2019, last week.

We just go with the idea since Rifqi always asked his tokki to take him to the zoo zoo zoo...
'Cause he knew he'll get what he wants from his tokki =.=

So we reched the zoo in the afternoon.
Rifqi was still wide awake, and exciting to enter the zoo...
 (sabar je lah dia tunggu mama dia nak pergi toilet la, papa dia nak beli air lah :p)...

This picture was taken when we were about to go back. That's why Rifqi was asleep.

This too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Terrace BBQ Buffet, Palm Garden Resort (Adik's birthday)

Terrace BBQ Buffet at Palm Garden Resorts for adik's birthday celebration.

With my family, buffet as usual.

The price

We bought coupon from fave, RM63 per pax.
Consider reasonable for a hotel buffet.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Langkawi : Day 5(Haji Ismail Group, Idaman Suri, Rams)

04/11/2018 (Sun)

Bayview Hotel, Langkawi

Maybe i havent mentioned anywhere, for our last night in Langkawi, we stayed nearer to town.
Bayview was our choice.
Nice breakfast, nice room and nice pool (eventho it was hot)... Everything's good!

He sure knows how to enjoy hotel.

Langkawi : Day 4(Laman Padi, Skycab, Oriental Village)

03/11/2018 (Sat)

Laman Padi

After departed from our hotel, we headed here.
Our hotel is in Cenang area so it is nearer to go to places in Cenang first.

Laman Padi, it is just a place we used to go many many years ago.
I've been to Langkawi 3 to 4 times before this. 
And during 2001 and 2007 i think, this place is still manageable.
We skipped this place when we visited Langkawi in 2014.
And here we are, 2018, Laman Padi dah macam peninggalan zaman perang.

There was no one there, but since boleh masuk, we just, went in, and take a few pictures...
Yelah, Rifqi never been here.
But the paddy field still ok la, still insta worthy... haha...

Or maybe i salah sangka...
Maybe Saturday is their off day, that's why no one was there.
Only orang-orang was there...

Tuai padi antara masak, esok jangan layu-layuan; intai kami antara nampak, esok jangan rindu-rinduan...

Langkawi : Day 3 (Underwater World, Makan Mahsuri, Dataran Lang)

02/11/2018 (Fri)

Morning swim

Just because yesterday Rifqi tak dapat swimming the whole day, his tokki tak puas hati.
Today, the main activity is, pool and beach, first thing first!

And since it's Friday, it was a relaxing day cause we'll start our visit after the guys perform their Solat Jumaat.

And yeayyy, Rifqi love to swim at the beach already! 
He knows how to enjoy the breeze and the sands! :)

Breakfast first, to kickstart the morning.

Langkawi :Day 2 (Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi Wildlife Park, Cenang Nightmarket)

01/11/2018 (Thurs)

Kilim Geoforest Park

I've been checking on the weather forecast throughout our stay in Langkawi, and based on the forecast, only Thursday, won't be raining.
So, we set our itinerary right away, Thursday is Andaman Sea kinda day! 
Kilim Geoforest Park it is! 

Jangan yakin sangat dengan forecast, tak baik percaya ramalan, sepanjang kat Langkawi, tak hujan langsung... =.=