Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Common Man Coffee Roasters @ TTDI

That afternoon/evening, we just need to chill somewhere, so me and husband choosed TTDI cause we knew there are many good cafes there!

Driving around TTDI, just to look for a suitable place for sitting down and have coffee/tea.
We saw Common Man Coffee Roasters on the other side of the road. 
So we decided to drove there!

The Foods

Eventho we had our lunch, but our appetite was quite huge that day.
Another thing is, we didnt expect that the foods we ordered gonna be such big portion!

I ordered French Toast while husband ordered Churros.
And I ordered Earl Grey Tea (which was served in a pot), and husband with his Americano.

My french toast, when it came to the table, i was shock, it was in a large portion, and so beautifully plated. Served with biscuit crumbs, vanilla ice cream, some sort of strawberry coulis, honey and a few strawberries.
I'm loving every bites of it!

Super delicious!

Hubs' churros was served with some coconut crumbs, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce.
We just, dislike the crumbs, everything else is okay...

French Toast  RM27

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Feebay.Co @ Publika

Walking around Publika, we always have issue, where to have our evening coffee.
In my personal opinion, many coffee shops in Publika has discontinue their operations, and i dont know why... 

So walking around that place, we saw the signboard of Feebay, and browsing thru the cake counter and the menu, we feels comfortable about the foods there.

I ordered burnt cheesecake for myself, husband ordered pancakes, and we also ordered fries with parmesan cheese sprinkles and husband ordered his usual Long Black
Rifqi was asleep during that time, so we had everything by ourselves that evening.

Burnt Cheesecake  RM15

Friday, March 8, 2019

Birthday Dinner @ Essence by Sheraton KL

This dinner treat is from my parents.
They always throw us a celebration like this whenever there's rezeki.
Alhamulillah we just love spending time like this!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

#RifqiLookBook : Mama's Birthday Lunch

Shirt \\ H&M
Jeans \\ Cotton On Kids
Shoes \\ his favourite leather shoes from Clark
(u'll see more of the shoes in other posts)

Friday, March 1, 2019

#OOTD : Birthday Lunch @ Glo Damansara

Top \\ Padini
Jeans \\ Levi's Skinny Ankle
Shoes \\ Charles and Keith 
Shawl \\ Poplook in Misty Rose

Birthday lunch @ The Symphony by Chef Jo

So, just like any other years, my hubs surprised me about where he's taking me for my birthday.

So, here we are, the Symphony by Chef Jo.
I always adore Chef Jo, Chef Zubir and Chef Adu, cause i just love to watch Masterchef Malaysia.
I even wanted to join Masterchef  Malaysa but sadly the programme has been discontinued here.
I'm available now, chef... And I'm learning how to make maringue here... Kidding!

Ok, kalau nak jugak masuk masterchef, sila masuk Masterchef US or Australia ye... 
Boleh buat crispy rendang secara berjemaah kat sana.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

#Birthday : 03022019 in Ipoh

Attended a wedding event in Ipoh one day before my birthday. 
My husband and I planned to stay over since the wedding is at night.
And my family joined in last minute.
(Nak celebrate birthday anak perempuan kesayangan dia lettew)
No actually my parents joined in just to spend the weekend with their cucu, Rifqi.
I'm their no.2 now, or maybe worst :p

So when we had our breakfast at the coffee house, on my birthday, i got a call from an unknown no.
Well, someone ordered a flower bouquet from Ipoh...

Anddd he prepared the present too!
Well done, sayang! :p

And my 29th birthday candles selamat ditiup oleh Rifqi.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Johor Bharu, Johor Darul Takzim

Of course, when we're in JB, we took the opportunity to eat, eat and eat.

As a pure Johorean, i totally miss every single Johor foods that i used to had in my hometown.
In my hometown, Segamat, i can always have lontong, soto, mee rebus, mee kari etc for breakfast in most of the warung there.
And the Segamat Beriani Gam, is one of the special dish that stays in my heart and mind, always.

Roslin Beriani House, Kebun Teh

Once we reached JB, we googled what's best to fill up our stomach for lunch.
Nasi Beriani sounds good after the long journey, and most of the website suggested Roslin Nasi Beriani which located at Kebun Teh.

At first, i thought it was beriani gam, like usually served in Johor, but it wasn't.
Despite of my dissapointment, the mouth watering beriani totally put a smile on my face.

We ordered one Lamb Beriani and one Chicken Beriani, and one Soto Nasi for Rifqi.
Every single element served on our table melts in the mouth.
The tenderness of  the chicken and the lamb is fall-of-the-bone were totally memorable.

The soto was really nice, too!

Will definitely comeback for more whenever we're in JB in the future.

Beriani ayam (RM11), Beriani Kambing (RM13), Soto(RM7)
if i'm not mistaken

Friday, February 15, 2019

Universal Studio Singapore 2019

Maybe i never mentioned anywhere in this blog before, Rifqi loves Sesame Street so much! And he knows every characters in Sesame Street.

That's why his papa has been wanting to take his son to the Universal Studio so much.
So we decides, January is the best time.

We traveled there with a travel agency, so we have to gather early in the morning to catch our bus.
But this time, the agency were really dissapointing. 
Ignore that, lets get back to the USS.


21/01/2019 (Mon)

Rifqi slept all the way in the bus. And when he opened his eyes, we already in front of the USS.
I think he knows what to expect, 'cause he has been to Disneyland before, so the surrounding of the entrance is more or less the same.

He's exciting and try to look around, eventhough he's still sleepy.

First thing i did when we reach is, take a photo in front of the USS Globe; and second, i changed Rifqi's diapers in the ladies, there's a baby changing table there. 

The 'must have' photo.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

#OOTD : Hubs Birthday Weekend

Top \\ Voir
Jeans \\ Levi's 711
Wedges \\ Charles and Keith
Bag \\ Kate Spade
Shawl \\ Duck
Lipstick \\ By a girl like you