Saturday, April 18, 2020

#ICook : Donuts

Assalamualaikum & hi.
So the thing i'm gonna update today, as simple as my title : Donuts.

Donuts bukan sebarang donuts, donut air tangan your truly 
Resepi Donuts istimewa sempena PKP!

Well, since the Movement Control Order being implemented, kita yang hakak2 ni, cannot be control anymore, asyik ke dapur je kije! 
That's why, as a hakak2 as well, i found my way back to all the equipments that have been kept for so long and never been used, and found my way back to the storage of some flours that i've bought like, last year (almost expired). So this is the time, to use it all! 
'Cause we can get really creative, during this hard times hehehe :p

resepi donut senang
Cantik tak donuts hakak!

Rifqi loves donuts, but no donuts delivery near my place :(
So why not, i my self made it from scratch! I made the chocolate glaze too!
The chocolate glaze was yummms!
But i still prefer the classic donuts with sugar coating!

resepi donut mudah

So, the conclusion is, the first recipe i wanted to share here is, donuts!

Ingredients : 
1 cup of warm water (300ml)
1 packet of yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
2 table spoon of Condensed Milk
(Mix these 4 ingredients evenly)

All purpose flour (500gram)
1 egg
2 tablespoons of Cooking Oil

The steps : 

Mix it all : Mix the all purpose flour, egg and the cooking oil with the mixture of warm water just now.

Dough Time : Make it into dough. 

Let it rise : Remember that these dough need to rise twice-
 1st, the dough itself. Just leave it in a big bowl and wait until it rise; 
and Second, the punched out donuts (use the donuts shaper or just use ur freaking hands :p). Let them rise as well!

Frying time: While waiting the punched out donuts to rise, heat up some oil to fry the donuts! And then fry your donuts until it becomes brown... 

Glaze time: And lastly coat your donuts with sugar/chocolate glaze while it still warm.
And it's done!

cara buat donut mudah
Let these babies rise first! 

resepi donut sedap
These are mine. Sugar & Chocolate coating. 

Happy trying! There're really nice!!!

Well, there's more recipes coming right up!
And well, i have so many stories & pictures that i've been keeping all to myself, 
Do u want me to update my trips: to Melaka, Kuantan, A'Famosa, zoo, Ipoh ect etc... I wonder if u wanna read them... If ya, i'll update those cerita basi hehehe ;)

Anyway, make some donuts ya!!!


  1. Lieya : Gentel sendiri je, xpakai acuan pon :p hehehe

  2. gebunya donat tu! tak pernah buat donut. tgk post ni terasa nak buat pulak. nampak simple

  3. Wow gebu2 donut sis ni.. Geram tgk bulat2 donut.. Boleh la cuba buat nnt..

  4. Dah lama cari resepi donut ni. Nampak macam senang nak buat. Terliur plak tgk donut coklat tu..hihi

  5. Menu paling banyak orang buat musim PKP ni, termasuk gak anak Sis..senang rupanya kalau betul nak buatnya..kena yakin baru menjadi hehehe

  6. Donut nad nak buat ni.. Sia dh beli yis tapi rajinya tu ntah bila. .sedap tengok kejadian donut tu.. Hehehe. .nak uli tu kene sabar la kalau takde mixer. .

  7. Nampak gebu la donut ni. Kalau tak kena sukatan donut ni mau keras kan?. Kira terer gak buat donut ni. Sis tak pernah buat donut. So far beli jer.

  8. resepi donut yang paling mudah saya rasa. tq share. memang nak buat pun. anak suka makan. buah buat frozen lagi-lagi dekat puasa ni kan

  9. musim PKP ni tgk ramai yg buat donut...gebooo tu...buat sendiri puas mkn byk..blum pernah try lagi buat sdiri

  10. Its bern a long time since i bake donuts. The first reason being i coulsnt fins whwre i kept the donut cutter haha so now juat buy ready mades huhu.

  11. Yup! This is a good recipe to share. I love donuts. Thank you for sharing.

  12. yang choc glaze tu memang terliur. nanti nak buatlah. thanks share resepi

  13. sedaonya donut bersalut coklat tu. rindu pulak nak rasa donut big apple, tapi sepanjang tempoh pkp ni stay rumah parent, mmg jauh dri bandar.

  14. wow donut dia gebu gebas. hehehehhee. dah lama tak buat donut. mcm best plak tengok ni. Hahaha

  15. Sedapnyaaaa tengok donut gebu dia. Terus rasa nak menguli esok pagi-pagi hehe

  16. Sedapnyaaaa tengok donut gebu dia. Terus rasa nak menguli esok pagi-pagi hehe

  17. Gebu gebu donut. Suka bila buat donut ia menjadi dan naik gebu. Anak anak saya pub suka donut. Kalau ada yis nemang dah buat donut ni. Nasib baik yis dah habis.

  18. cantik gebu dia tu. anak2 saya pun suka donut. nanti saya boleh cuba resepi ni

  19. During this mco, i make donut two times. And my kids love it so much

  20. wow! ohsem nya.
    during pkp ni, aida lom lagi meroti or mendonut.
    mood ke lautan hindi lah :)
    tgk la. this coming weekend. berbuka dgn homemade donuts :)

  21. Seronok kan buat kuih ni akak nyer tangan x berseni bab kuih..mana yg senang je la..tawakal..huhu

  22. Donut dah berhari-hari nak buat tak jadi-jadi lagi hehehehe tengok orang buat semua jadi menarik geram lak..

  23. Wow the one coated with chocolate macam sedap giller. So far i have not try to make my own donut yet.

  24. Haaa jom lah semua mendonut. alah bisa tegal biasa ye!😉