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Is Kitui Products Safe? - Kitsui Korean Whitie Plus & Kitsui Bellos Fiber

Assalamualaikum & hi 

As a woman, I play a lot of roles : A mom, a wife, a blogger, an businesswoman, the housekeeper, the cook, the nanny, and everything elses!

Everyday is so hectic and I have to keep up with all the works and duties, and for that, I really need enough energy!


That’s why, taking suitable supplements is crucial to keep up with all my daily activities and to keep me energetic throughout the day!

Sometimes, we, as a woman, always take care of everyone around us, but, forget to take care of ourselves!


I’m glad that I found myself a complete supplement for my health which can help me to stay beauty and healthy!


Is Kitsui Safe ?

Kitsui is a local brand that has been established in the market for over 20 years.

All Kitsui products have gone through specific scientific research and passed all the safety measures. Furthermore Kitsui products has gotten their halal certifications based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) , before being distributed to the public thru our main distributors, Watsons && Guardian pharmaicies.

All products by Kitsui are inspired by nature, offering a wide range of quality extracts and quality ingredients form all over the world. And all these products is designed to helped men and women solve their problems in shortest possible time.


Kitsui products are NOT medications!

They provides nutritions to ones body since all the Kitsui products are made up from fruits and vegetables!

And u guys don’t have to worry, because all the Kitsui products are free from any prervatives, gluten, GMO, allergen and any harmful ingredients that might affect body hormones.

Korean Whitie Plus


Korean Whitie Plus is one of the consumers favourite in Watsons  Guardian.

This product is enriched with Vitamin A, C and also iron that help to improves your skin complexion from dull to brighter and healthier skin.

Korean Whitie Plus main ingredient is tomato, which also known as the major source of antioxidants which labled as Superfood by Times Magazine.

Besides, this product also contain camu camu which is also a main source of antioxidant and helps in formation of collagen. Thus, this product could help you to get a brighter skin in just  days!

Kitsui Bellos Fiber

Kitsui Bellos Fibre is a product that helps your digestive system and is designed for fitness purposes.

This product is made up from apple, kiwi, avocado, orange, tomato, lemon, pineapple and celery.

This product can help us to reduce beer belly and obesity due to the high fibre.

Poor digestive system can cause a lot of problems other than obesity.

It may cause lack of self confidence and other problems such as bad breath, fatigue, and low metabolism rate.

Bellos Fiber is not just effective, but it also preservative free and sugar free!


Ingredients of Bellos Fiber

Acacia Gum – contain prebiotic which maintain healthy digestive system

 Apple – Contain Catechin –help incream metabolism rate

 Senna – Contains Sennosides yang stimulates our intestine

Apple, Kiwi, Orange, Avocado, Tomato, Lemon, Pineapple are the fruits that vert high in fibres and help our body to keep hydrated.


Kitsui Sachet

The usage of sachet is a plus point for Kitsui products as well!

It give u quality, convenience and guarantee.

Bacteria cannot easily enter the sachet, it is convenience since the sachet is travel size and u can just put it in your bag anytime anywhere, and the quality is guarantee for the labeling of the satchet cannot be duplicate easily!


In conclusion, I love the taste of these products from Kitsui, and I really can feel the difference after consuming them!

To all men and women out there, don’t forget to take care of your health.


To get Kitsui products, just go and visit Watsons or Guardians nearby.

Or to purchase Kitsui from Shopee, click the link and it will directly take you to Kitsui Mall.


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  1. Yang ni membantu kulit kita jadi glowing macam Korean ke...hehe ^^ nak try juga

  2. Kalau membantu buat kulit kita glowing mmg worth it kan , i need it sbb i stay in pulau so always kena sunburn ..huhuhuh

  3. ramai review produk Kitsui ni bagus, selamat dan berkesan kan? huda baru cuba 1 produk, nanti nak cuba produk yang lain pula

  4. dah try kitsui. dua2 produk best. palibg power bellos fiber tu. rasa pun sedap

  5. Nampak ramai dah mencubanya, Sis macam ada ternampak di Guardian, nanti bolehlah try .. kot laa kan serasi dengan kluit..

  6. Wah produk korea eh? rasa mcm pernah dengar rakan2 blogger ada jugak share produk kitsui ni. untuk lelaki sesuai ke?

  7. Kak nina pernah consume Kitsui. Yes berkesan dan suka sebab produk bagus dan lagi best harga berpatutan!

  8. nice range recommended here for wellness & greater health, am into trying the bellos fiber as working at home am sitting down a lot. gonna check out more for sure. cheers,siennylovesdrawing