Saturday, February 1, 2020

Parie Goat Milk Powder for Kittens & Cats

Assalamualaikum & hi people! :)

Well, I have a few cats at home, if u're aware. And some of them, are kittens, still.
Ok to be honest, they're not exactly my pets, but i do provide them with foods, drinks, shelters, loves and hugs too! Lol so are they considered as my pets? Eh kau ni...
And i give them names too : Kelabu, Ginger, Gray, Mamacat, Oyen & Tompok :p

Eventho they're not exactly my pets (lagi sekali!), but my husband and i do care about what we feed them, whether the foods are good for them or not, and we really care about their health!

Recently, I discover a very good product for cats and kittens. 
Parie Goat Milk Powder is something i've been looking for! 
I'll explain more about how good goat's milk for cats & kittens! 

Parie Goat Milk Powder

Why i choosed Parie Goat Milk for my cats?
If u wanna know, PARIE's goat milk carries similarities as breastfeeding as it is tolerated for being less allergenic to cats. The properties of goat milk which comprises smaller fat molecules, looser curds formation and higher concentration of small chain fatty acids will enhance cat's digestion.

The Benefits of Parie Goat Milk

Parie Goat Milk is really good for cats, especially kittens. It is known to improves cats' antibodies and immune system.

Some of the benefits that this milk provides are: 

Strengthen Immune System Healthy Skin and Silky Coat Develop Stronger Bones and Proper Growth Improve Brain Development and Learning Abilities Enhance Clearer Vision ♥ Better Digestion

Finally to get Parie product, u can buy from Shopee.

And for more info., do check out their Facebook!


  1. Wow. Looks like your kitties love the milk. I would love to try it with my babies too. Hopefully it will do them good and they like it.

  2. Baru tau kucing pun boleh minum susu kambing ek..boleh cuba ni sebab khasiat susu kambing memang semua orang tau kan...

  3. Wowww baru tau kucinh ada susu khas juga. Igt makanan kucing je dah komersial. Maklum la x bela kucing so xtau psl ni

  4. sebagai seorang pembela kucing...memang i harus cuba product ni...tabah lagi yg sekor tubaru je nak cubala nnt

  5. Wow you are feeding so many cats. Love cats too... they are cute animals...

  6. such a good product to buy, maybe i should buy one for an emergency if stray cats coming to my house again. heheh

  7. rindu pulak dekat kucing saya yg baru mati hujung tahun lepas. sekarang ni macam malas pulak nak cari kucing baru. kalau ada nanti boleh bagi susu ni :)

  8. Kucing Bella pun semua suka. Bukak bekas je teros sibuk memanjat mak dia. Memang jadi singa kejap lah! Bau dia sedap, rasa mcm nak minum pulak. Tgh tunggu 2nd pack :)

  9. Wahhh boleh nie beli untuk bagi kucing2 kat rumah tu minum. Mesti dorg suka.

  10. wah mesti bagus ni utk cats ya. tak sangka lak susu kambin boleh diberikan kepada kucin

  11. Kucing saya pun suka sangat susu Parie ni. Hari2 memang merengek mintak susu ni

  12. Bagus susu kambing kalau diberi pada kucing. Sis pun memang dari dulu bagi susu kambing kat kucing, now dah tukar pada brand ni pulak

  13. omg that cat, the orange one is just like mine. suke suke suke.
    i've never really gave my cats susu since when i got them they're already at the age that they can already eat their foods.
    btw i just followed you here. salam kenal. ^^


  14. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki mereka yang ihsan terhadap kucing :)