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Shanghai : Day 3 (Shanghai Disneyland)

14/03/2018 (Wed)

Shanghai Disneyland, this is our 2nd Disneyland and it is Rifqi's first time! 
Shanghai Disneyland is quite funny... I mean, it's different from other counties, in terms of the security, and, it not as efficient as other Disneyland. Others were just fine.

First, we have to walk for miles from parking/train station to the the MAIN entrance! Everytime we thought we saw an entrance, it wasn't the entrance yet :p It is a bit different from Hong Kong Disneyland where the train will stop right in front of the Disneyland entrance, all u have to u is just press the elevator button and walla, we're right in front of the Disneyland.

Shanghai pulak, boleh habis 2 episod cerita Monalisa kat astro prima tu lah, baru sampai entrance :p

And another funny thing is that, the security there have to be very strict, perform spotcheck every seconds, because, there're a lot of illegal sellers who's selling fake Disneyland items inside the Disneyland.
I don't know how they got in...
Mesti guna orang dalam, takpun guna magic! Disneyland kan magical!
Sabar aje lah... Hahaha... 
Makcik2 jual headband and security Disneyland Shanghai dah macam explorace main kejar-kejar dalam Disneyland.

Other than that, Disneyland is just Disneyland, full of rides and fantasies! 


It was cold that morning. Tu yang ada budak tu diam je selubung.

And mama's OOTD

Masih berusaha mencari entrance... Mana kauuu entrance...

Haaaa yang ni kot, dah sampai :p A must have family photo! Welcome to Disneyland Rifqi, sorry we took u to Shanghai, mama promise next will be Paris #eh #eh #eh

Yes! This is the entrance, indeed! After gone through some bag checking counters, but we still manage to take in(seludup) nasi & lauk2 dalam tin. Ko nak amik pringles tu sangat kan, amik lah! Kitaorang ada sardine dengan sambal tumis! Kitaorang lagi terror dari memakcik jual headbands fake!

First item we bought in Disneyland. Mickey Mouse Glowing Bubble Wand, or Rifqi calls it, pop pop. ('cause he loves to pop the bubbles)

Enjoying his first experience!

I just love his OOTD.

And of course, from far, we can already see the Disney castle.
In Shanghai case, we can already see it from the highway itself! 
And it is a must to take a picture with the castle as the background.

And once we got in, (after some times- only in China), we saw people lined up to take pictures with the Disney characters. I straight away go and line up with the crowd without knowing what were the characters there. 
Oh, and it were Goofy and Pluto rupanya!

And after that my brother lined up for Chip and Dale

The castle 

The dogs, said Rifqi...

And congratz to my brother 'cause he managed to snapped this photo despite of Rifqi 'nervous-ness' to take picture with the dogs, alone.

And the squirrel, Rifqi calls it...

Tupai cina ni pun asyik nak mengusik budak tu je, mana tak dia takut...

Gardens of Imagination

Gardens of Imagination, that's what they called it in Shanghai Disneyland. (yes, i googled.)
Actually they have the same rides as Fantasyland in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Here, there were a few rides and attractions that we visited.
Fantasia Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant,  Marvel Universe, and Meet Mickey at the Garden of Imagination.

And of course, Rifqi loves 'em all!
He so used to the small rides in the mall and carousels. 
So this time, his mama, papa, grandparents and uncle could join him, he was excited (but not shown through his face though, sebab dia suka buat muka seposen).
And he always willing to leave the rides once it's stop, cause he knew there're more rides for him! 

Rifqi on the Fantasia Carousel with mama...

Only the small and pink one left, boleh lah...

Acah-acah je, dah habis dah masa ni...

Dumbo the Flying Elephant!!! pst, it's my favourite, too! :p

Key Mouse, says Rifqi. Since we were back from China, he became Mickey Mouse's fan again (but not for long =.=)


Sumpah iols taknak naik rides camtu lagiiii!!!

Rifqi was asleep during this time.
So my parents suruh lah if nak naik apa2 yang extreme then go. So i was thinking to spend some times with my husband, so i followed him to tomorrowland. And i thought, naik je, bukan mati pun...

So, he goes for Tron Lightcycle Power Run.
Adik i pun follow je, padahal dah tau keturunan kitaorang keturunan penakut-penakut, including my uncles, my cousins etc, u know!
I took the motorcycle next to my husband, side by side.
While my brother sat with a stranger, a chinese guy, a very friendly Chinese guy, so ada lah geng borak dia before we departed.
The ride was only lasted for like 2 minutes, i closed my eyes the entire times, i felt like i already dead, inside... :p

As usual.

So, no photo in Tomorrowland.

And then i went back to my parents and had lunch, nasi + lauk2 dalam tin + serunding ayam + sambal kering.
Sedap gila hoiiii, ko ape tau!
Hahahaha padan muka guard2 Disneyland Shanghai tak jumpa mana kitaorang sorok... 
Ada lah...~~~

While waiting for my husband went for another extreme ride, bought this popcorn! Tak cukup satu, siap beli refill lagi sebab cepat sangat habis! Hapa lah ko taruk dalam tu kan!

Toy Story Land

And guess what, Toy Story Land was closed, due to reconstruction.
Ada je alasan ko kan nak tutup.


And then we moved on to Fantasyland.
Awww, i love this park!
A lot of kids(toddler) friendly rides.
We managed to go for Hunny Pot Spin, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan's Flight
Rides yang lain tu mana entah, tak jumpa!

Anddd, Rifqi loves everything he saw, he was so amazed by how amazing and interactive the rides were. (Expecially the Peter Pan & Winnie the Pooh).

Semua orang dok sejuk2 kat sana, dia sorang takyah pakai stokin or kasut.

Right in front of Alice in Wonderland Maze. Tapi malas nak masuk

Hunny Pot Spin. Or dalam bahasa funfair nya, Cawan Berpusing.

On Winnie the Pooh Adventure. Look at his face! (His- Rifqi, bukan laki i ye! Bukan juga bapak i!)

Yeah, all the rides here are in Chinese Mandarin.

Treasure Cove

Next, we moved to Trasure Cove. This is the Pirates of the Caribbean place.
Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure was the only ride we tried here.
It was a thrilled rides, but Rifqi was allowed to go for it!
I was really amazed by this ride! So do Rifqi!
I want more!

And we got some of our souvenirs from the shop here!

Matchy matchy.

Adventure Aisle

 We(husband, me and my brother) wanted to try Roaring Rapid so badly. 
(I'm the one who wants that, cause last time in HK Disneyland i cannot enjoy most of the rides 'cause i was pregnant).
So before pregnant lagi sekali, baik aku naik segala atok nenek yang boleh dinaik.

So Rifqi had to stay with Tokma & Tokki 'cause he was not tall enough!

There were only 5 of us in this ride. Me, husband, our brother, and 2 strangers. And i'm all wet after the rides. Only me.
(Picture from google).

Tak dapat ikut, so Rifqi tunggang unta je lah...

So busy with his pop pop.


And  we went back to the near entrance for souvenirs shopping & some coffees while waiting for the fireworks!

The castle.

Anak mana?

Doesn't want to wear his jacket. Keturunan kebal.

In conclusion, I never had enough of Disneyland. And it is wayyy meaningful with Rifqi

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