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Shanghai : Day 4 (The Bund & Huangpu River Cruise)

15/03/2018 (Thurs)

The Bund

 We checked out from the Novotel Shanghai Clover and move to the Shanghai City.

Eton Hotel, Pudong Avenue

We choosed Eton Hotel throughout our stay in Shanghai City.
When we booked the hotel (from Malaysia), my husband said this hotel is near to the subway station and halal foods. That's the reason we choosed this hotel.
But when we reached here, we can't see any arabic restaurant and such. We thought that it only looks near in a map, but far in reality. 

So we walked around the hotel, and at this one shop, macam gerai-gerai je, i saw a lady who covered her hair, but dia bukak tudung tu, so i thought she was just playing around.
But my father insist to ask, and he asked a guy over there and they said they are muslim and their restaurant is halal. It was written there '清真', which means, halal. I just learnt that word when i was in China. =.=

So whenever it is hard to find halal food, we'll go and tapau food from there.
And i am so sorry that i didnt remember the shop's name, i only went there once. 
Only my husband and my brother go there everyday to tapau food.
And the prices were super cheap i tell u! Even cheaper than mamak kat Malaysia ni!

As for the subway station, yes, this hotel is right in front of the Pudong Avenue Station.

This is how our room looks like.
And that't Rifqi's favourite bath tub.

 The Bund

We took the train from our station (Pudong Avenue) and stopped at Nanjing Road Station.

We have to walk a lot to The Bund Rivercruise, which is our main destination.

So we walk across the ever famous The Bund.
The Bund is like a western side of China with western designated buildings and many many international brands if u want to shop. Brands like H&M, GAP, Uniqlo, Guess, Adidas, Nike etc are everywhere here!

And it was so difficult to get to the Rivercruise, it was so far! 
(And it was so hard to ask China people, even, we speak Chinese, they are not so helpful )
Maybe it is better for u to take taxi there (if u can get one!)

The Bund

I asked my parents to pose for the background.

Flowers that have bloomed

This place remind me of Hong Kong Victoria Harbor. Yeah, not much different at all!

Behind is the famous Oriental Pearl Tower.

The weather is quite cold at night... We have to wear our jacket all the way...
What make it worse, It was raining after the cruise, and Rifqi and his stroller were all wet, lucky that my strong boy was all healthy throughout the trip.

The Bund with papa.

Huang Pu River Cruise

Ticket price : 50yuan/person

Okay, come let me tell u about how to get to the cruise. 
My husband and my brother went all the way to buy the tickets, which we  thought, is nearby. (The chinese police or guard or something told us that it was near.)
So the rest of us just waited at the "Shanghai Victoria Harbor"  tu tadi.
Rupanya the ticket counter is super far, and the entrance for the cruise was even further!
Whereby, the locals told us it is not far, whenever we asked. 
Sabar aje lah...

So, u better just walk in group.
And actually u can just straight away buy the ticket at the entrance 481.
 We bought them at another counter 'cause we didnt know... 

Regarding the tickets, my hubs and my brother wanted to buy the 8pm tickets, but the seller said it was sold out, he insisted them to buy the 7.45pm tickets.
But because it was too far, we missed the 7.45pm cruise as we reached the entrance, and guess what, the tickets kira burnt. So we tried to talk to them, and they let us in, but we have to rasuah around 30yuan per ticket kot. They asked for it. As the rasuah is cheaper that the tickets price, so we paid.
See! Bang**g tak orang China?!
Dia yang paksa kita beli ticket yang 7.45, sekali elok je ada yang kul 8pm!

And guess what, after the cruise, we were so tired and were thinking to just take taxis. But the funny thing is that, most of the taxis doesnt want to pick the customers up.
They are so picky.

There was a police officer helped an old English couple to call the taxi, but when the couple enter the taxi, the driver rejected the couple.
Baik takyah bawak teksi!
So before go to China, u better download Didi aps.

Here we are, on the cruise already.

muka sejuk masing2...

The night view of Shanghai. Beautiful, but annoying Shanghai :p

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