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Shanghai : Day 5 (Pudong Mosque, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Oriental Pearl Tower

16/03/2018 (Fri)

Pudong Mosque

The hawker stalls and so many foods!

It is normal that whenever we visited any country, the guys will perform the Friday prayers at the local mosque. This time too. We use the google walking map to get the direction to Pudong Mosque, the nearest mosque to our hotel. 

It was quite far, actually. But walking in the cold weather, u feel nothing. 
 Sedar sedar, masjid dah depan mata. It must be good kan if we live in a 4 seasons country, boleh exercise time winter, and kurus, and tak penat. :p 

Every Friday, in front of the mosque, they'll be a lot of Muslim hawkers selling foods, raw and cooked. So, after we all perform our solat, we had our lunch there! 

It feels so good seeing so many Muslims gathered here! 
A lot of Malaysians and Indonesians as well!
Yeah, since in Shanghai, we didn't see any Muslim around, it was really hard to see one, maybe because China is so big, so we can hardly bump into each other.

So, for lunch, macam-macam lah kita beli.
I ate something like kuey teow with some sour sauce. For me, it's nice to eat such thing in the cold weather. 
Papa and mama shared a bowl of noodle soup.
Izzat and my brother ate kebabs.
Besides, we also bought the famous flat bread by the arabic hawker, the chicken/lamb sate, and also the dumplings.

We sat at one of the stall (where we bought the noodles and the kebab), and had lunch there.


Tokki & Rifqi.

Various kind of nuts

The hawker stalls and so many foods!
Rifqi met some new Muslim friend at the mosque

Peluk arab tau.

The nicest food (when it still hot).

The dumplings. Sedap!

My noodles and the sate

Nice bowl of hot noodle soup.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

 Admission fee - 160yuan/person

After done filling our tummy,we took taxi to go to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.
In Shanghai, it was really hard to get taxi ya know.
Macam kita mintak nak naik free pulak. Maybe orang-orang yang bawak teksi kat sana kaya-kaya, tu yang memilih sangat tu.
 They were all so picky on the destination we wanted to go. 
Buat u-turn pun taknak, entah hapa-hapa.

Since we are 5 person in total, we have to take 2 taxis, so first, me, husband & Rifqi got a taxi that is willing to make a u-turn and send us to the Ocean Aquarium.
But papa, mama and adik hardly got a taxi, we waited for around half an hour for them to arrive at the aquarium.

So we enter the aquarium around 4pm.
And we woke Rifqi up to see the fishes and other sea creatured.
He enjoyed seeing the penguins, ducks, turtles and all.
He was amaze when the fishes swim above him. And he enjoyed to see the sea horses as well.

But of course he still can't get over his memories of feeding the giraffe during our visit to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Inilah ikan todak

The beautiful fishes.

Snakes, according to Rifqi.

The sea horses.

And the jellyfish

Oriental Pearl Tower

Admission fee - 160yuan/person

And after the aquarium visit, we straight away go to the Oriental Pearl Tower, which, only 3-4 minutes walk from the aquarium.

It's almost dark and so we only got the night view of the tower.

Like any other towers, we went up to the 263m (863 ft) at the sightseeing floor and we gotta enjoy the view of Shanghai.
Not whole Shanghai, definitely, but we can see the beautiful The Bund, which is at the other side of the Huang Pu River.
It was really beautiful.

By the way, the tickets we bought includes the entrance fees of the Shanghai History Museum which is an exhibition room at the base of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

The view from the other side.

The outdoor see thru glass floor. It was really cold up there.

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