Monday, May 7, 2018

Shanghai : Day 6 (Shanghai Zoo, Qibao Ancient Town, Zhong Hua Niu Rou Mian, Hard Rock Cafe)

16/03/2018 (Sat)

For our 6th day in Shanghai, we have Shanghai Zoo, Qi Bao Ancient Town and Hardrock Cafe in our itenarary. All the places we gonna visit were quite far from the Shanghai City. So my papa decided to charter a car for all of us.

We called Ah Jiang (a taxi driver we met during our visit on the first day.). He was our driver throughout the day. He was so nice and dedicated. It made our day easier!

Shanghai Zoo

 First he took us to the zoo.

The entrance - After purchasing the tickets, we entered the zoo and we were welcomed with a very colourful sights. It gave the good vibes about the zoo and we just can't wait to enter!
So, we took quite a numbers of photos at the entrance. Maklumlah, meghiah sangat entrance nya!

This boy was asleep in the car and just awake...

See, colourful, right!

Tokma & her grandson.

 The buggy ride - Because we were all excited, we took the buggy ride. It was chargeable, of course. But it will cut our journey short and since the zoo was huge, we wont be too tired of walking.

The animals - And the buggy dropped us at an area with wild animals (seen from the signboards).
We saw the directions signboards to the tigers, bears, wolves etc.
We were all excited. Tak sabar nih nak tunjuk kat Rifqi!

But as we saw the conditions of the animals, we feel sad. 
And Rifqi cannot see them of course 'cause they were not moving. The animals are all dirty, thin, and doesn't look good at all.
Poor animals. :(

I just read this articles, and it describes what we saw during our visit.

We were really dissapointed , but what to do.
One thing i cannot get over until now is, i saw the elephants, their legs were tied up, in an indoor century. Does the elephants really belongs there? And their tusks (or ivory), were all gone.
I really cried in my heart(not just literally) as well as thru my eyes...

Haih, these China people... 

The hyena was so stressed out and walking here and there, don't know why

Lucky that these meerkat relax jer

So, after looking at those poor animals, we just have a walk and find our way out.
And i just take pictures with good scenery found in the zoo instead. 

They take care of the landscape better than they take care of the animals =.=

Behind me were hundreds of tulips! So beautiful.

Kesian elephants tu, anak mama...

 Duck feeding - Since Rifqi cannot see the animals so much in the zoo, we took him for duck feeding at the lake in the zoo. He, as usual, enjoyed it so much! Lucky that i brought my red bean bun in my backpack, so the ducks gotta taste the red bean bun imported from Malaysia :p .

 Anyway, the tulips there were really beautiful.
Nasib baik i pakai baju banyak bunga dah, kalau tak memang gatal tau tangah nak petik tulips2 tu!

Qi Bao Ancient Town

After the zoo visit, we requested Ah jiang to take us to another attraction which is Qi Bao Ancient Town. This place is far from the city as well. And it is in the same area with the zoo. Not so near to the zoo, but still, easy to travel with car.

Qi Bao Ancient Town is a beautiful place with Chinese Traditional Architechture and  a numbers of attractions like museums, street foods and shopping. There're many China products like pearls, brooches, and fabrics are sold here.

My mum and i bought some pearl neclaces, shawls, brooches and also beautiful hand fans for souvenirs as well as for our own collections. We also bought a cheongsam for Rifqi. Kecik2 ni je lah boleh pakaikan dia anything and he'll not complain.

The prices of the stuffs there were ok, quite affordable.

My husband's busy looking for the Shanghai Starbucks tumblr, but he didn't buy it here.
He bought his tumblr in Yu Garden/Yu Yuan

Near to the entrance

So this is it, Qibao Ancient Town or 七宝古

The pearls. Sampai mata i pun ber-pearl pearl.

Rifqi's finally asleep.

The beautiful Chinese architecture, so i cant missed to take photo here!

The sky were so clear, too, on that day!

Zhong Hua Niu Rou Mian, Xiao Tao Yuan Street
中华牛肉 面,桃源街

So before we requested Ah Jiang to send us to the Hard Rock, we went to this Xiao Tao Yuan Street to find some foods. And we found this one halal restaurant.

This restaurant is more international, lol.
Because their menu provided with pictures! :p

I ordered a dried noodles with beef, eggplant and cucumber
And, this is the best foods i've ever tasted in China! (Besides nasi lemak yang mama masak lah)...

My husband and my parents ordered rice with side dishes while my brother ordered noodle soup.
Everything here are delicious! Recommended!

Go find this restaurant if u're in Shanghai! 
(Hope u can  find it!)

The menu.

My brother's noodle soup.

My la mien. Sedapnye!!!

My parent's rice were loaded with potatoes and beef.
We tapau this one for Rifqi as well.

My husband beef rice, as well!

Shanghai Hard Rock Cafe

Even Hard Rock Cafe, we have to tell them in Chinese, otherwise they wouldn't understand.

Ok, Shanghai Hard Rock Cafe is located in the middle of the Bund and for me, it's quite hard to be seen. So it is better to take taxi to get there!

As usual, Hard Rock T-Shirt is a must for everyone of us to take home as our own souvenirs.
This is the indication that we have set foot to the particular city.

I've collected a lot, but only few can still fit me. =.=
Dont ask me why. 


Till the next post, last one to go!


  1. I so love the photos. It is great to see a family traveling together and having fun. Hopefully we can also visit this place someday. ❤


  2. Hello... Yeah, family travelling together and spend some times together is great indeed!!! :) Thank u for reading my blog!