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Shanghai : Day 7 & 8 (Jiang Nan Silk Shopping Centre, Yu Yuan Bazaar)

17/03/2018 (Sun)

Jiang Nan Silk Shopping Centre

Silk places is so hard to find in Shanghai.
We thought it would be easy, and we thoug ht thatwe can buy China silk anywhere in China, we thought that the silk will be bersepah-sepah, but we were wrong, lucky that we googled and found this place, no, my husband found this, actually. He's a great googler, lol. 

So, we took the subway from our station(Pudong Avenue-Line 4) to ZhongTan Road(Line 4).
And we have to walk aaaaa lot. I mean, really a lot, before we reached the Silk Shopping Centre.
Actually, it's better to stop at the JiangNing Road Station(Line 13), 'cause it's nearer.

Read a lot of bad review about this place from other tourists, but well, we aware that China people tend to cheat(but they're good in doing business), so, we just have to beware!
Well, we've been terkena also though sometimes...

So, as we enter the Silk Museum/Silk Shopping Centre, we were provided with a tour guide(that can speak English, i think she's the 2nd one i found in China who speak English). 
So she brought us to the place where the silk is produced, took us to the blanket place and everything. And in the end of the day, we told her we just wanted to buy silk, for clothes.

So we go back to our main point, choosed our silks, pay and leave!

Saje je bergambar in front of this Tous Les Jours, 'cause we dont have it in Malaysia, anymore.

In front of the silk place, after a long longgg walk. Kurus sekejap!

Ok this, and next few pictures are the machineries used to process the silk...

Their silk worm...

The cocoon.

And she sibuk shows us the silk blankets etc.

And finallay! Our favourite part! Shopping kain!!! (my mom's and my favourite part actually!)
We found a Chinese boy in Chinese hat.

After the visit to the Silk Shopping Center, we headed to the Shanghai Stadium.
But weirdly, all of the entrance were closed. Like there're in the middle of construction or something.
And when we asked a guard there, he said it is close due to construction.
Entah ye entah tak! Adoi la....

So next, we stopped at the Yu Yuan Station and just next to the station, there's a bazaar in a building.
We have a walk there. And i got some of the silk pj's. Quite pricey actually... But, erm, for the sake of memory...

The bazaar i talked about.

Fuyou Road Mosque

Bila tak dicari, jumpa pulak. Alhamdulillah.
As we walk towards the exit of the bazaar, we saw something like a mosque, and it is a mosque! 
We were so happy that we can settled our solats for the day there! 
And while in the mosque, we asked other Muslims there about halal food, and they said inside the YuYuan Bazaar there is a restaurant near to the door no.6 that serves halal foods.

Fuyou Road Mosque.

Yuyuan Bazaar

We reached Yuyuan in the late evening, so, the Yuyuan was closed already.
All we managed to do is just walk around the bazaar, and have last minute shopping, buying souvenirs for our relatives.

I'm loving the architectures of the place. So Chinese!
And full of culture. What a nice place for a photoshoot!


Told ya it's a nice place for photoshoot! Macam model2 winter jackets pun ada kan!

 The restaurant i cant remember the name at door no.6

It's okay, u dont even have to know the restaurant name, cause the foods was really really bad!
We can't imagine eating those foods again!

This is the restaurant that the people at the mosque talked about

Where is my food?


Finally, it is the day for us to return home, after 8 days in Shanghai.
Visa pun dah habis, lets go home.
And if there's a chance, we would like to return here, cause still so many places that we haven't visit!
Till then!

My beloved, my life.

Alaaaa... kena balik keeee...

The pide i ate at one of the halal restaurant at the airport.

And, Rifqi, in his qi pao, at Pudong International Airport!
See ya again, Shanghai!
Mama pray that u can come back here again, my sayang! And see the world around u!

So, another memories, experiences created, and selagi ada rezeki, i would want to know, and learn, other's life and culture, and i treat that as the knowledges that i cant get elsewhere. 
Like people always said, rezeki & ilmu tu milik Allah and Alhamdulillah we've got the chance, from Allah, to experience, anything like this. 

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