Thursday, February 15, 2018

Penang & Cameron Highland Getaway ♥ - Part 2

Well, after exloring Penang, we headed to Cameron Highland.
It was sooo sooo good being in Cameron NOT during any holidays or festive season.
Not crowded and no traffic jam.
But there is still tourists though...

Century Pine Resorts

We choosed Century Pines Resorts.
It is an old hotel, so expect what to expect in an old hotel, lah!

But for sure, the landscape of the hotel is just nice for photos, especially with my baby boy who loves to walk here and there!

The night we arrived (around 7pm), the temperature was unexpectedly 16°C which was quite cold...
Tapi takde lah cold macam overseas, dont bring your ultra light warm pulak, light jacket is quite enough :)

We had steamboat at Abang Steamboat and Grill, one of the best in Cameron (already), dont expect too much k!
It cost us around RM80 for two person. 
Eat all u can (but don't membazir)...

Arriving at Cameron Highland, sejuk lah mama! Korea ke ni? :p (mentang2 pernah pergi Korea jer) :p

Ready to explore Cameron Highland!

Butterfly Farm 

We decided to go to the Butterfly Farm first, 'cause we afraid that Rifqi will fall asleep later...
Besides buterfly, they were a few more cages which keep oher animals like snakes, squirrel etc. 
They were also Rifqi's favourite animal(duck) there!
He was so happy seeing everything he always saw in his books or tv like snakes and ducks! 

Daisies here are definitely beautiful... We took a stroll insides the daisies place and took a few snaps!  

BOH Tea Plantation Sg. Palas

Ok I'm the one who is excited about this place.
I miss how serene the place is...
The last time i went here, was, i can't even remember when...
This place surely has changed a lot...

Plus, this place sure will make our photos looks good!

We parked our car at the place provided and walk up the hill to the cafe.
It actually lunch time already, but we decided to just have some scones & cakes, and teas of course.
Sorry husband, no coffee for today!

It was so good to have tea with your love one with these kind of view, minus our cranky lil boy lah, kalau tak romantic habis dah! :pp

Rifqi also had scones, cakes and tea with us, but he's not so in the mood, cause it his nap time already...
However, we still managed to get some nice family photos here!

Strawberry cake, scones and lychee rose tea for me; hubs ordered scones and teh tarik for himself. The prices is quite affordable, don't worry too much, it wont exceed RM15 for each item. The teas are around RM4 (max), and the scones also around that price... Just the cake, it was RM10 above.

Anak siapa yang hensem sangat nih!


Family photo + makcik spoiler kat belakang...

Subhanallah the views was splendid!

A must have photo for tourist like us! ;) Malaysia is beautiful!!!

A photo without tripod... Pokok teh jadi tripod kitaorang... And my handbag jadi penyandar...

KEA Farm

Well, as you all know, this is a place where the farmers sells their produces.
There are varities of veges, strawberries, teas and flowers we can get here!

So we bought quite a lot of produces to bring back home.
Yelah, it only RM10 for 7 packs of vegetables, and all the vegetables are huge and fresh! So it a shame if we didn't take as much as  we can! As a stay at home mom, i wish my house is in Cameron Highland so that I can cook beautiful vegetables everyday!

Beside vegetables, corns etc., i also bought some flowers for my room!
Bought my favourite flowers of all, carnations! Pun murahhh! It just i don't remember how much!

Gadis & bunga. *Gadis sangat....

Teruna dan jagung, boleh?

Big Red StrawberryFarm

Out of all strawberrry gardens here, my husband choosed this one.
He said from what he read, this is the largest and the best strawberry farm around here. 
Ikut je lah...

We bought some strawberry jam, and strawberries. 
I also managed to grab a cup of fresh strawberry juice, while Rifqi wants a pack of strawberry cookies, which, he hasn't finish until now! 

Lavender Garden

And out last stop was the Lavendar Garden.
It was late evening and when we reached there, they almost close, only 20 minutes left until it close...

Eventhough the ticket was quite pricey(especially for a 20 minutes tour), we still go to explore this place this time!
Ok la, there is one or two rows of lavender there, and we were not allowed to step into the  fench, so we only can take photos from outside.
Boleh lah, ada lavender kat Malaysia, daripada takde.... Malaysia boleh!

And with that, we end our lil family trip this time! Till the next trip!

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