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Penang & Cameron Highland Getaway ♥ - Part 1

We have been planning our family small trip since October last year. 
When deciding on the dates to travel, we tried to avoid school holidays and any public holidays to avoid crowds. Thus, January it is! The best time to go is, the mid January, where, 1.) raining seasons is over, 2.)school has just started; 3.)not anywhere near to payday... 

There are a few places in Malaysia (and neighboring countries) been in our list, but in the end of the day, we choosed Penang & Cameron Higland, 'cause, Rifqi hasn't been to Cameron Highland, and we were craving for Penang foods, so, that's why...

13/01/2018 (Sat)

Departed from KL after breakfast and reached Penang around 5 in the evening...
It normal for parents who travel with kids to take a lot of breaks while driving for a long journey.

Our first pitstop is, GeorgeTown, to filled our stomach.
Rifqi was fast asleep as we reached, cause we already fed him at the R&R...

Kapitan Restaurant

Choosed Restoran Kapitan for some rice.
I was too eager to eat nasi kandar, so i ordered one... The dishes for the nasi kandar were not many that time, maybe because it was late evening, or this restaurant is like that... 
So, i took, fried fish egg/roe, a fried chicken, and (no veges) some bendi from curry there... 
Sorry guys, NOT reccomended

On the other hand, husband browsing the menu and ordered Biryani with Tandori Chicken.
And it was the highlight!!!
It was SO GOOD!
I mean, very nice! So delicious and wayyy different from any other mamak stalls in KL!
The Tandori Chicken tasted so so good, and the rice, hmm! Yumms!
No wonder everyones there ordered biryani...

Padan muka i sebab taknak follow the crowd :pp

Want to know how much we spent at Kapitan's?
Surprisingly, it only RM20!!!
I cool down a bit hearing that price. It matches your nasi kandar anyway! :p  

Biryani Rice with Tandoori Chicken, Kapitan Restaurant, 13 Jan 2018.

Nasi Kandar, tak tau kandar tang mana...

Husband cek...

 Georgetown, Penang.

We took the opportunity to take a few pictures there in Georgetown.
(psttt, it easier for mama to pose while Rifqi is sleeping u know... :p hehehe...)


Parkroyal Penang Resorts

We straight away drove to our hotel afterwards... (Cause husband has promised Rifqi to take him to the pool that evening!) :p 

While Rifqi and his papa go for the swimming sesh, i rest in our room and having the time of my lifeeee :p hihihi...

We definitely choosed beachside hotel! So that we can enjoy the view and the beach!
Feringhi is the best place to stay if u opt for night activities. 
Shopping and massage are the popular things to do at Feringhi since there is a night market open around 7pm-12am and a lot of massage place which open even until 2am

(Of course we did enjoy some massage there! Lucky that Rifiq slept early for both nights we were in Penang) :p 

He just woke up during this time!

He was excited. It just, he behaving well... :p

Having the splendid welcome drink first, before splashing into the pool

 Gurney Drive Foodcourt

Used to come here with my dad when i was small.
So i suggested this place for our dinner (instead of Padang Kota), 
There are a small section for Malay hawkers (halal section), so we went and sit there.
It was slight rain during that night, but no worries, all the tables in the foodcourt was attched with a big umbrella (surprisingly)...

Too many foods to choose from. They were char kuey teow, laksa, sate, fried rices and noodles, pasembur of course etc.

I decided to buy some Pasembur and husband bought some sate, we bought Rifqi his favourite food of all, Chicken Rice, it was so sedap (i was surprised again!)
Guess what, i 'accidently' ordered too much of the Pasembur, after choosing every ingredients that i want, the hawker took my plate and started to cut all the cucur, tauhu, fishcake etc into small pieces and at that time i realized, mak ai banyak nya cek ambik! The hawker was quite shocked too when i told him, makan berdua je... :p

No surprise, the Pasembur cost us RM 26
But it taste nice though!

While the sate that my hubs ordered, erm, not so nice.. :(

And after dinner, we head back to Feringhi and enjoy some back massage. (Rifqi was asleep in the stroller)...



Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm 

Known as Penang Butterfly Farm(when i was small).

After breakfast at the hotel, we didnt take Rifqi to the pool. Instead, we all get ready for the visit to Butterfly Farm.

The ticket was RM70+(for Malaysian) and i was quite shocked.
But my husband used CIMB debit card to get like 30% discount...

As we entered the Butterfly Farm, i impressed with the place, it was so calm and windy, and beautiful...
Many butterflies flying around us, too many! 
It was stroller/wheelchair friendly too! No stairs at all! 
Ok it worth our pennies!

Plus points, this place also provided with nice washrooms, and baby changing room somemore!
Rare for such a place!


Bapak nya Rifqi mau melawat kawasan ni...

Rifqi's favourite animal, snake!









Kassim Mustaffa Restaurant

This time, this is the real nasi kandar!
Gosh, i was so satisfied!
Perut kambing + bendi rebus + kuah campur was such a delight!!!

 Once again, husband ordered tandoori chicken (and it was good, again)
While Rifqi ate Nasi with Fried Chicken (mamak style, da bomb!)

Ni baru betui nasi kandaq~

Actually, we were planning to go to the Bukit Bendera, but , it was close, still, due to the flood last time...

So we decided to head back to the hotel for a swim!

Padang Kota 

Last last mai jugak sini...
It is not Penang trip if u dont come here, it is something like that...

So we decided to have our dinner here!
But as usuals, the hawkers here are so annoying... !!!
U know how annoying they are? This is a foodcourt, but they are the one who will choose the seats for u, and they are the one who decide which hawkers u should order from if u sit here, and where to order if u sit there, they are like gangsters, not business person! 

Plus, the foods there were not good! So cincai!
And pricey!!!!! Mahai bak ang!!!! Kalau sedap takpa...
Sabar aje lah!
My last time, i swear! 

I hope others won't get the same experience like us...
Such a spoiler!!!

Pasembur mahai bak ang & tak sedap. Makan ja kat Gurney ya kawan2! Murah2 & sedap2!


Breakfast at the Hotel

A normal buffet breakfast.
There are bread, (very nice)salads and dressings, english and malay breakfasts etc!

I only want to highlight on one thing, the CURRY MEE is superb!!!
Sedap nya lahai!

The said Curry mee...

 Final swim at the pool and the beach!

One thing is, Rifqi was quite afraid of the beach, i can see!
He enjoyed the pool more!

Mee Sotong Hameed Pata

Been craving for this! Like seriously!
The  Mee Sotong Hameed Pata is located at the food court near to the Fort Cornwallis.
If u don't want Mee Sotong, there's so much more to choose from, too!!!

I bought Mee Sotong (of course), along with Pasembur...
The Mee Sotong is RM 6 while the Pasembur is RM7! And they are delicious!!!
All from Hameed Pata.

Husband had Nasi Goreng Ayam from another hawker there, while we bought Rifqi Chicken Rice and he ate on our way to Cameron Highland ('cause he was sleeping while we had lunch)...

There u go, Penang, see u again soon! 
Next entry, Cameron Highland!!!

The famous amos Mee Sotong !

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