Friday, December 15, 2017

Medan, Indonesia - Day 2 (Danau Toba, Pulau Tomok, Sipiso Waterfall)

 See! I decided to blog again this morning! I've found perfect spot to blog haha... In the living room and Rifqi is watching tv and playing with his toys!

Atsari Hotel, Danau Toba

I'll proceed with some pictures of Atsari Hotel!
Just love the landscape so much, thus, we took a lot of pictures around the hotel!
We decided not to swim this morning, sebab nak pergi awai ke Pulau Samosir.
But guess what, our supir buat hal and he reached us at 10am, sedangkan, we were already done with breakfast at 8.30am...  Jangan amik supir from Pak Yudi okay!

The breakfast at the hotel was ok! Served with nice indonesian dishes, lontong(tapi diaorang panggil soto), some noodles, assorted kuih, nasi goreng sampai 3 types, pedas, tak pedas, sederhana pedas :p and so on...

on the way to the cafe for breakfast

Iqi dah mandi, but pakai kan dia baju semalam first sbb for sure he will kotorkan during breakfast!

With papa!

In front of the breakfast place...

This is the hallway of our rooms!

Rifqi, with his Tokki & Tokma

Last but not least, pictures by the pool before we head back to Medan city...

Santai nampak, abang Rifqi...

Lake Toba & Pulau Tomok

We straight away checked out from the hotel (but we head back to the hotel for lunch) and went to the jeti to the Pulau Tomok.

There's nothing much to do on the island.
There are a long row of flea market, and Batak museum.
And of course, the best thing we could do here is, shopping! 
Well I bought few pants, some cute little tshirts and shorts for Rifqi, and some souvenirs.

Jeti to Pulau Tomok.

Loving the view behind... The view here is splendid actually!

The boat ride...

Arriving at Pulau Tomok

Took a few pictures at the entrance

And then we gotta visit a place like, rumah orang Batak gitu. Pun, took a few pictures here! For memories sake...

There you go, us in Batak accessories!

My lil Batak boy...

Hmm, rimas pakai ni atas kepala...

Great for shopping!

Going back to Parapat.

Sipiso Waterfall

After lunch, we continue our journey to Berastagi. We gonna spend a night there.
On our way there, we gonna stop by a place called Sipiso Waterfall, but we are nowhere near to the waterfall. Boleh, but have to walk there, and there is no way we gonna walk there, sebab jauh.
Dekat sini jugak, we can see the penghujung of the Lake Toba.
Great view, subhanallah!

Spot the waterfall? Behind us!

Dekat tapi jauh, sangat...

Dia dipaksa ye pose macam tu...

There you go, the great view of Lake Toba. Amazing view, can stare at it for days!

Nice weather, too!

While waiting for Tokma to the toilet

Ada rombongan cik kiah dari Malaysia amikkan gambar ni... boleh la.... :p

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