Sunday, December 24, 2017

Medan, Indonesia - Day 3 (Horse riding, strawberry picking & pasar buah at Berastagi)

Sibayak Hotel, Berastagi

In Berastagi, we choosed Sibayak Hotel. 
It is an old hotel, with good reviews! That's why we choose this hotel!
The rooms are like the traditional hotel, ala2 hotel kita selalu stay zezaman 90-an...

One thing, since in Malaysia, we read others blogs about  Medan, and most of the Malaysian said it is cold, in Berastagi.
Even when we were in Danau Toba, the people there kept on saying that Berastagi is cold, and kept on convince us to buy sweater for Rifqi :p
But, GUYS! No! Berastagi is not cold!!!
It around 21°C
Cameron Highland lagi sejuk rasanya...
Panas ada lah...
And the hotel tak ada aircond! Imagine! 

So since i brought sweatshirt for Rifqi, baru beli pulak tuuu, kena pakai jugak lah ye nak...

Pictures around the hotel.

Sebab baru pandai jalan, so macam2 gaya...

Hello sunshines! Saya panas ni kat sini...

Romantic couple

And not so romantic son...

Tak kasi can...

Horseriding at Berastagi

Saw a lot of horses in front of the pasar buah... And to make Berastagi a lil bit more interesting for Rifqi, we decided to take him for horseriding!
Only Rifqi, papa Rifqi & puksu boy Rifqi je yang horseride, the rest of us naik kereta kuda, je!
Look at that happy face!

The horse!

And my cutie pie... Tengoklah muka tuuu

Anak papa...

Pasar Buah Berastagi

The pasar buah is inside...
Outside the market, they're selling many many other stuffs like, clothes, what else?! Clothes la! :p

Inside the pasar buah, there were variety of fruits, and of course most of the fruits are very nice and sweet! 
So we bought some orange, and, pisang kaki (i think), mangga susu, and can't remember what else :p

And of course we did bought some seluar batik from the market!
Nice tau!

The front view of Pasar Buah, Berastagi

dua beranak dalam pasar buah...

Strawberry picking
We request our supir to take us to strawberry picking place, since not much to do in Berastagi, boleh lah pergi strawberry picking...

It was so hot, so we didn't stayed for long, there.
The strawberry we picked will be measured in gram and will be priced.
And we also bought some strawberry (that picked by the farmer- better version), and some chocolate dip

Strawberry picking with papa & puksu boy...

Mama joined in!

It more fun with mama! ;)

Medan City

We reached Medan City during Zuhur, and since it is Friday, my husband, father, and brother went for their Friday prayer in a mosque.
Don't worry about mosque 'cause in Medan, there are plenty!

After that we went back to our hotel first.
In Medan City, we choosed Grand Mecure Hotel throughout our stay!
4-5 stars rating hotel, of course they gave their best service!

Later, we went for our late lunch in Istana Krakatau restaurant.
For me, sedap. As long as ada sambal ijo nya!
But my papa not so happy 'cause the supir said it was a padang restaurant, but it's not...

After that, the supir took us to a shop, and we bought two telekung there.
it was quite pricey actually...
We bought more telekung the next day, in pasar ikan!

As for dinner, we just walk across the road to the KFC which located right in front of our hotel.
The KFC is quite different here, well every country pun macam tu...
The best part is, nstead of mashed potato, they served begedil! I mean, begedil, okay! ;) hahaha!
Sedappp! We love it!
And most of the sets are served with rice!

Ok, that's it for now, will continue update on this trip! Stay tuned! :p

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