Thursday, December 7, 2017

Medan, Indonesia : Part 1 (Arrival & journey to the Danau Toba)

Assalamualaikum and hey! 
I better update about this trip right now, before another trip's coming up (eh, ada ke?)
No lah, takde pun...

Been delaying this post for a month plus (almost 2), busy laaahhhh... Jaga budak kecik sorang tu...
So now, here is some of the memories that remained in my head, about our impromtu trip to Medan, Indonesia ♥

This busy lil boy is at sama-sama hotel waiting for his flight!

18/10/2018 (Wed)

As usual, our flight was a morning flight (8am something), and we were flying from KLIA.
And the parking at the KLIA was so full, out of no where, so we had to park our car at Sama-sama Hotel cause we're already late! 

And, actually the bad luck already started in Malaysia lagi, Izzat's passport and my papa's passport can't be read, apsal entah passport berdua menantu-mertua ni...  
We enter the plane on the last call, dah siap seru-seru nama dah, tup, kitaorang pun muncul depan pintu flight tu :)

Anddd, we brought Rifqi, a boy whom just learn how to walk, and he can't really sit still for long...
Lucky that this flight to Medan only took 45 minutes! Phew!
Oh, did i mentioned, after siap2 kan dia at 6am, he doesn't want to go back to sleep, at all?!

And after 45 minutes, we arrived at Kuala Namu International Airport.

And so, we waited for our supir, and our car.
This supir, panjang ceritanya, basically, i'll write a seperate post, about this company, so that orang lain tak terkena bad experience, like ours. Not that bad, but it just, discipline problem!

Heeee, dah pandai tengok! Last time pergi Seoul kecil sikit...

He cried, he thought we are going to somewhere colder. :p

Baru terima kenyataan sikit...

Arriving at Kuala Namu International Airport :)

And so, we continue our journey to Lake Toba/Parapat, which took us like, 6 hours!

On the way there, we stopped by a few places: Paten, lemang place, and a restaurant for late lunch! (btw, tadi we arrived at Kuala Namu at around 9a.m. plus so we straight away had our makan pagi at Restoran Nasi Padang Sederhana! Our favourite whenever we visit Indonesia)

Paten, Oleh-oleh Khas Medan

Selling various kind  of nuts, and biscuits, and snacks too! 
My favourite was the one coated with some sambal sauce. 
And asam keping 20sen was a hit, too! 

We bought some for the sake of tasting. 
In front of the Paten

And this is the lemang i talked about! Enak dimakan begitu sahaja! Sebab ia dijual begitu sahaja, ada choice lain ke selain makan begitu sahaja? nak rendang tunggu raya.

At the restaurant which i cant remember the name. Served various dishes...
Boleh la... Tak rugi tak ingat nama...
And after a 6 hours(plus) journey, we were managed to catch this view! Subhanallah amazing!

Atsari Hotel

And we straight away checked in to our hotel.
After prayers, the sun still not set, so the little one could have a round of playtime in the pool...

This hotel is really nice, i love the landscape outside our room and i'm satisfied with every inch of this hotel. It was a good stay.
More pictures in the second part, okay! Till then!

Hotel inspector checking on the room.

Our bed, we always combine the two single beds like this so that iqi could sleep in the middle!


The pool

Rifqi dah aim je once he saw the pool

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