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#Honeymoon : Bali, Indonesia - Part 2 (Bale Udang, Kintamani & Lake Batur, Tegalalang, Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro)

Day 2 (03/06/2015)

Sari Armta Batik

On the 2nd day,we headed to Ubud area, and the first place the supir dropped us was this Batik Place.
He told us the batik here is the one with high quality. 

And when i entered the shop, all the batiks were like, calling me, to come near them...
So, we bought some for our moms and my sister in law, and of course for yours truly! 
Menangis husband i (no he didnt) :p

Silver Place
(pardon me i cant remember the name exactly)

(This place is kinda boring) 
Hmm, nothing much, watched how silver was made, walking around the souvenir shop 
and continue our journey! :p

Bale Udang Mang Engking

It lunchtime and the supir dropped us at this restaurant.
This restaurant has a very nice looking view.
Makan bersila di dalam pondok di atas tasik 
So, we chilled there for a few moment
We ordered simple fried rice instead of nasi + lauk-pauk. 

I enjoyed the lunchtime so much! 
Talked, took selfies, relaxing... :) 

 And, this restaurant also provide a praying room for muslims! 

Chicken Fried Rice
Rp 43,000

Bale Udang Fried Rice
Rp 45,000

Cantik Agriculture Coffee Farm

After an enjoyable lunch sesh, our supir, Teguh, took us to this Coffee Farm. 
We entered the farm and walk thru various kind of trees, see how coffee was made, 
and then we were seated at a table and served with variety of coffees.

We tasted it one by one, some of them were nice and some were so so...
As we tried so many coffees(and teas), i'm dizzy and we finally just bought lemongrass tea back home since that was our favourite of all! (And psttt it's healthy)
Lol. Takpe we can coffee sesh dekat KL later! :p

Trying to smell the vanilla

Gunung Kintamani & Lake Batur

Along the road i saw many small stalls selling fruits, the fruits were so organized and i was so tempted to take photo of 'em! Saje je nak cerita...

As we reached there, ok, subhanallah, indah ciptaan Allah
 Gunung Kintamani is an active volcano, that's explained why it was so beautiful. 
And Lake Batur located right beside the montain.
I was stunned by the amazing view. 

Gunung Kintamani

Lake Batur

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

And last destination for that day was Tegalalang Rice Terrace.
The view was splendid in the evening!


Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro

Anything regarding foods, we always follow what the supir suggested. 
He'll ask what we would like to eat and then will bring us to the suitable place.

Since in Malaysia my uncle whom just been here insisted that we must try this ayam yang boleh kunyah tulang.
Told our supir and he brought us here! 

So satisfied with the foods! Very delicious!
The price were affordable as well! 
Sedapnya, as i write this entry, i terliur ni! 

We ordered Ayam Telur Asin 1/2 (Rp 70,000), Tempe Penyet (Rp 21,000), Sayur Asem (Rp 24,000),
Nasi Putih for 2 (Rp 20,000)

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