Thursday, July 9, 2015

#Honeymoon : Bali, Indonesia - Part 1

Choosed Bali for our honeymoon destination.
Too cliche? but nevermind, i loves bali so much!
We enjoyed all the elements of Bali 
Beautiful Bali... 

Day 1 (02/06/2015)

Departed from KLIA around evening, and reached Ngurah Rai Airport just around dinner time! ;)
Pandai husband i budget! :p

Husband bought the tickets few weeks before getting married & 
MAS is definitely our choice.
Our tickets were not so cheap, but not too pricey either, hmm last minute...
But it okay to spend a lil bit for once in a lifetime memories.

The first thing we did after reached Bali was, look for a place to buy Indonesia's SimCard for our phones, and had Teh Botol kat tepi jalan =.=

Eden Hotel, Kuta
Decided to spend the first night in Kuta
so that we can walk around and sightseeing around Kuta...
So husband booked Eden Hotel...

Our supir offered to drop us at any restaurant for dinner but i refused
 and after checking in and get change, husband and I walked to the Discovery Mall and had dinner at A&W there...
U can always check whether the fast food restaurant is halal, by ensuring that there is "Halal Majlis Ulama" logo at the front!

we continue walking along the beach and back to our hotel...

 Discovery Mall.
Gitu lah gamaknya gambar orang honeymoon, super annoying!

Day 2 (03/06/2015)

 Had light breakfast at Eden Hotel before checking out cause we'll move to Seminyak for the 2nd night! ;)

*Stay tune for the next post ya!

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