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#Honeymoon : Bali, Indonesia - Part 3 (Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu, Jimbaran)

Day 3 (04/06/2015)

Haven Hotel, Seminyak

For the 2nd & 3rd night in Bali, we stayed in Haven Hotel
(which was a wedding present from my uncle!, hee~ thank u pakcik!)
Before checking in, husband already called to tell the hotel staffs that we are coming for honeymoon (so that we'll get the swan and stuffs)...
but rupa-rupanya, PakCik pun dah put a remark that the room is for honeymoon when he booked that room for us!

Therefore, dapatlah swans ni!

Placed the rose petals in the swans' body into the bathtub, and used my newly bought Bath and Body Works bubble bath!

Kuta City & Kuta Beach

On the 3rd day, we starts our day with breakfast at the hotel,
bread, fruits, juice & coffee.
Mee goreng? Better don't! :p

Later, we went to Kuta City for sightseeing. And we request our supir to dropped us at the Hard Rock Cafe to buy some souvenirs.
And we took a beach stroll afterwards.

Kuta Beach is beautiful & i enjoyed watcing the waves... ;)
Ada juga orang mandi-manda & surfing there, but in Seminyak, there's more!
(Seminyak beach entry is in the waiting list, coming soon!)
However it was quite hot over there, we called our supir to fetch us to our next destination.

The supir took us to Hawaii Bali to buy some souvenirs for family & friends, 'cause according to him,
Hawaii Bali is the cheapest.
We bought lots of tshirts for our family, there!

And the we headed to Nasi Padang Sederhana to have our Minang lunch!

Kuta City

Newlywed selfie #annoyingnewlywed



On our way to Uluwatu, Teguh insisted us to visit this place.
Bosan ya amat...
Lucky that i loves to watch the maze runner and i found a corner that looks like the movie set...
We just took few photos there and left.
(The ticket is around Rp 50,000. So membazir)

Dreamland Beach

Dropped by the Dreamland Beach as well.
The supir dropped us at the parking lot, and a shuttle truck will take us to the beach.
The beach, was breathtaking.
Out of all beaches in Bali, i think this is the most beautiful one!
The water is as clear as crystals (ber-idioms pulak)
I seriously rasa nak terjun. Too bad we're late for Uluwatu already cause the Kechak Dance starts at 6pm...

Subhanallah the beach is beautiful...


After the supir help us to buy the tickets, we walked into where the crowd walks, towards the amazing view of the ocean.
Subhanallah the view is breathtaking, too beautiful...
My husband and I took few photos, stop the time(this is just metaphor, we not actually stopped the clock), and enjoy the honeymoon moment...

And afterwards, we go to the Kechak Dance place.
Lucky that we were there quite early, we managed to get a good spot to sit and enjoy the show.
The most importantly, I can enjoy the view of Uluwatu and hear the sounds of the waves from where i sat, with my loves one...

Upon entering the hall, we were provided with a pamplet about what the Kechak Dance thingy is all about.
I did read it, so i could understand it, but him, hmmph buat-buat faham je k... =.=

Jimbaran Bay

Aww this is one of the highlight of the entire honeymoon.
Candle-light dinner at Jimbaran.

Tell u what, this is a must for every couple on their honeymoon in Bali.
Sweetest experience.
But i have to admit that it was quite pricey. But u couldnt have dinner right in front of the sea in Malaysia (and if u can it will be pricey too! lol)

Our supir called one halal restaurant there and asked them to set a table for us (honeymoon-ers)
So, we got the most front table, right in front of the sea, hamik kau!
Hadap laut tu puas2!

However, on the foodwise, we dont have much choice.
We choosed crab set.
So we were served with fries, 2 drinks of our choice, white rice, fried kangkung, some crabs, prawns, squids, and fish!
The price is Rp 900,000 to 1,000,000.
It pricey, but only once, in a lifetime
(according to husband)...

Eventho the foods were so so, i really enjoyed the dinner so much!
It was really good spending time with husband under the stars, in front of the beautiful beach (and payung), just chilled and recalling our years together
Our view of the night. Siap dengan payung kuning kauuu...

Sweetest Malaysian couple (besides Yusry & Lisa Surihani) :p

indahnya dunia... kihkih...

Entertained by a group of band. They're good!

Part 4 right here!


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