Saturday, November 26, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market Promotion

I got the newsletter through email from MFM, *kerlas kau tetamu vip gitu* =p
So these are our lunch, in Manhattan Fish Market, Midvalley Megamall...
And the price is really, very, can i say, cheap? for a restaurant like MFM...

The pasta : RM10++ per plate...
Drinks : RM4
Soup of the day : RM4

~Spaghetti in the Sea~Creamy Seafood~Iced Peach Tea~Mushroom Soup~
*btw, mushroom soup die byk bawang, i xsuke ;(*

Hmm, just click to enlarge the picture! *picture promotion tu dah la ea, xyah nak enlarge2 picture iollls plak! ;p*

All u have to do is print this coupon and show it to the staff there! :)

N this pict, my ehem2... ;)

p/s : COntinue reading my post! Okies!


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A Girl Like You said...

No problem! :)