Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mirrawrrr's & Nikko's Birthday

Birthday birthday!
Nope bukan birthday sape2 k harini...

First of all, Happy Birthday in advanced to Mirrah Syahirah Bakar (25 Nov) & Happy Belated Birthday to Nik Mohd Norrasiq Mohd Aluwi (17 Nov) ;) *nama penuh sorang2 i bagi, kerlas x? ;)*

Actually, we've planned this for quite a few days, d mastermind is Shahezza, *applause* , say thanks to her now! :pp

The attendances are me, Afifah, Ezza, Nadiah, Geemah, Anwar, and of course Mirrawrrr and
Nikko! :)

We bought cakes for them from secret recipe... no no 1 is not enough, so we bought 2 cakes for each one of them... We hope u guys are happy with the celebrations....
This is an adult celebrations okay, we just gossip-ing, about everything, movies, and movies etc *nak bajet baik gossip pasal movie je!* ;p

p/s : Old Town White Coffee Cyberjaya menjadi saksi celebration ini :p

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- ezza - said...

bukan bajet baik gossip psl movies. sebab kita kan dah besar, so xmau cakap psl org lain dah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!