Saturday, November 26, 2011

Clinique's Who's That Girl Search

I actually already received email from Clinique bout this, and i actually know there are FREE MAKEOVER/BEAUTY SESSION by Clinique in certain malls :) Therefore, since i already in Midvalley i'm not gonna let these chance go! Hihihi ;p

Free gifts you'll get! ;) Awesome riteee!

This session only took 15 minutes only... Sampaikan my unofficial photographer pergi sembahyang kejap, datang balik, i'm done... So dia cakap die xsempat tolong snap, hehehe ;p Takpe, i still love u, hihi :pp

So first of all the Clinique consultant ask me to fill in some form, i actually a user of clinique already before this... And then she asked me to choose the look i wanted... From Fashionably Flirty to Classic Chic

Laid-back Luxe Downtown Cool Fashionably Flirty Classic Chic

And of course my choice gonna be something pinkish! ;)

Actually Clinque is doing who's that girl search, i dont know what exactly it is but u can join!

Step 1 : Dress ur style (the four styles mentioned above) n drop by any Clinique counters nationwide for makeover session.
Step 2 : After the makeover, snap 2 pictures in clolor close-up and full length.
Step 3 : Upload both photos n register in the Clove Two website.

Done! ;)
Only available for ladies aged 16-28 years old okies!

For more info, go here, http ://

After the session, well, we are busy tergedik2 with the camera! ;) Take note! "WE"! ;p
Okies! See, my make ups! Jangan jelous *flip hair* ;p
Thank u Clinique!

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