Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your Lucky Star ✰

Well, this is the real reason why we went to Midvalley... And here we are enjoying d evening!

Hi-Tea in GSC Signature ~ Attending the event (d meanigful event) ~ Watch Breaking Dawn ~
All for free...

The foods... Ada fruit tart, meatball, strawberry cake etc... Xperlu explain senanye ;p

The Hi-Tea Session at The GSC Signature, Gardens

The tix

With him, in GSC Signature (first time uollls!)

Finally, congratulations, my sayang, you won d contest... *dan2, sayang terui!* ;p
Alhamdulillah... And u said i'm ur lucky star...? I'm always willing to be that star, for u! :D
Happy tripping, happy travelling to the other state of d world yeah! Congratulations!!!!!

With the star of the day!

p/s : ~~~

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