Sunday, June 22, 2014

✿ Floria 2014 ✿

Well, i never missed this event every year, i though of not going there this year, but since izzat and i were going out, and there is no where to go, "jom lah pergi floria...~" 

Really man... nener missed this event! 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010...(click) .. Setia & seia sekata sangat!

Love the deco this year, it contain some modern twist and so colorful!
Well, things like umbrellas, fake flowers, and so on... :p 
The best thing is, there is also cats exhibition there! Comelllll sangat!

See! Told u, there's lots lotsss of fake flowers! 

There's also some sample, of garden wedding thingy... It beautiful, i admit it, but, if u're having a garden wedding, u have to deal with all the mosquitos, and other insects, and unexpected weather, and nowadays i would say haze... 
Hmm, indoor is better, right? 
But garden wedding can be beautiful, with all the greens, and lots of fresh flowers, but tu je lah, serangga2 and takut2 jugak heels tertusuk dalam tanah masa berjalan~ :p

In conclusion, the floria event is beautiful (eventho we have to pay RM3 this year) ... I always adore putrajaya & floria event arrangements 'cause i always wonder how they could turn the empty space into a very beautiful garden... 
Brilliant and congratz...