Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Kenny Hills Bakers @ The Greens, TTDI

Assalamualaikum & hi!!! 
My family and I, finally set our foot in Kenny Hills Bakers, eventho, this is not the Bukit Tunku one, this is the TTDI branch. However, we satisfied that we finally gotta taste their food...

Gayanya macam lah jauh sangat kan? ahaks!
Entah lah, tak berjodoh lagi to visit Kenny Hills Bakers Bukit Tunku branch...


The Ambience

First thing first you'll notice when u came to this cafe is, definitely, their cozy environment!

That's one of the crucial criteria for most of us right, when choosing a cafe... hihi...

U can choose whether to sit indoor or outdoor, base on the tables availability...

As for that day, we managed to get a table indoor, with sofa seat as well!
Alhamdulillah for that!
I prayed hard to get a table with sofa, while waiting for our table.
Alhamdulillah lah, rezeki Rifqi...

Just so u know, nowadays, Rifqi insist to only dine in the places where he can sit on the sofa...

This is the phase we have to deal with...
This phase will pass very soon I guess... just like any other phases we encountered last time 😂

The Menu

Kenny Hills Bakers serve variety of food including: main dishes, appetisers, desserts and their speciality, pastries.

(Check out the video at the end of this post to see more of their foods...)

We came for our evening coffee...
And there're so many cakes & tarts to choose from!!!
We even have to choose wisely 'cause it is impossible to order more than two slices of cakes...

We decided to come again soon to try out the other cakes on the display... 

The Food and the Prices 

Their main dishes prices starts from RM30 and above.
Most of the cakes priced at RM16, average.
And the coffees and other beverages starts from RM9.

Since we only came for coffee, we decided to order coffee and cakes...
Hot Cappuccino(RM12) for me and Long Black(RM10) for Izzat...

And Rifqi doesn't want any drink, he said he took a lot of manis2 already previously 😅
Haaaa gitu! Penjimatan untuk bapaknya 😂

Butttt... well...
Okay, I choose two desserts from the display, one Burnt Cheesecake (RM16) & one Strawberry Tart (RM16) .

And Rifqi saw, table sebelah, they're eating Soup! 
And he goes "Rifqi nak Mushroom Soup!" 
Terus hilang penjimatan tadi... huahaha...

And we ordered the soup, which, turn out, it wasn't mushroom soup, it was Cauliflower Soup (RM18).
But that's not a problem at all, because Rifqi sure loves every type of vegetables!

So he enjoyed the soup so much!

And as for me and husband, gosh, we totally love every bite of the desserts served there!!!
The burnt cheesecake is total WINNER!

Hot Cappuccino & Burnt Cheesecake

The Strawberry Tart

Cauliflower Soup

The Service

All I can say is, the service was superb!
They systematically manage the queue and ordering system also very fast! 

The staffs are friendly!

So that's the reason we know that we will pay another visit very soon!

Check out their contact details down here!

Address : The Greens Terrace, Lot G-2 Taman Tun Dr Ismail TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur


Operation hours: 8 a.m. to 8p.m.

Thank you!


  1. I always love having brunch or afternoon tea here - I mean I always go to the Ampang one. Super love the menu!

  2. Looks like an awesome place to dine at. I should organize a girls' day out here for my girls and me. Thank you for sharing, babe.

  3. Yang cawangan dekat Bukit Tunku tu saya pernah pergi. Memang menarik makanan dkt sini, pastu suasana pun mcm eksklusif gitu :)

  4. kalau ke sini.. i nak try strudels... nampak menarik sgt...and paling penting dari segi rasa sangat sedap

  5. wah bestnya dapat dine in kan. nampak sedap menu kat kenny hill ni, harga pun boleh tahan juga :)

  6. Teringin nak makan kat sini juga la… kena plan ni.. cantik juga ye environment dia! Choice of foods pun banyak la kan! Maybe weekend ni la gi! 👍

  7. Sis belum pernah sampai, tapi anak yang sulung yang di Shah Alam tu dah sampai, makan dan berOOTD dia hahahaha

  8. wah dah sampai, akak pun sempat jejak ke sana walau anak2 dah berkali makan kat sana dengan kawan2

  9. Haritu baru pergi, beratur panjang tunggu turn.