Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

Skincare routine when you hit your 30s

When u're in your twenties, it is easier to manage your skin, your body, your energy...
And everything...

And when I hit 30s, I can feel slight changes, especially my skin.
The easy-to-manage skin, started to shows ageing sign, yes ladies, truth hurts! 

So, from just practice the 3-steps skincare routine, I'm looking for more...
And I finally found another solution, which is best fit my skin, for now... 

Currently in love with Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden Duo Serum range

Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum 

Safi has recently launched the Safi Youth Gold range, an anti-aging & lifting skincare range which is an upgrade from its predecessor, Safi Rania Gold. 

The new range aims to capture and attract anti-aging category users who are seeking for anti-aging skincare with its improved formulation and more attractive packaging at an affordable price point but without sacrificing on product efficacy.

In line with current consumer needs, Safi Youth Gold is introducing two latest items into the range that help to alleviate aging skin issues such as double chin & sagging skin that could potentially reduce the confidence in today’s modern women. The Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum and Lifting 24K Serum Cleanser can Reduce Double Chin by *50% in just 15 minutes so that you appear younger with more lifted, contoured, and glowing skin.

Why I love Safi Youth Gold Lifting range?

As a 30 something stay-at-home-mom, a busy blogger and an entrepreneur, I sometimes, just totally forget, or ignorance, on my self care routine... 

For skincare, I would just tepee whatever still there, without realising,my skin need more than that!

An anti ageing skincare is what I need! And using serum, is crucial, for my age!!!

The reasons I love Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum 👇

1. Lighweight, easy to absorb and love the smells!

2. Enhance skin hydration

3. Reduce sign of ageing such as double chin, and tighten loose skin

4. Reduce 50% of your double chin in 15 minutes!!!

5. Formulated with Golden C Lift Technology, combination of Vitamin C and 24k Nano Gold, which, more effective as compared to normal Vitamin C.

The Price 

Safi Youth Gold Lifting 24k Serum Cleanser : RM19.80

Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum : RM59.00

Where to get Safi Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Serum ?

Are u having the same problem like me?
just let me tell you, I've tried this two products, and loving the effect so far! 
Cant wait to see what these products will do to my skin, soon! 

So, lets get rid of those double chin! 
U can get them from Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness dan Caring & official online platform Wipro Unza in Shopee & Lazada.

Get them now!!! 

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Instagram : safimalaysia


  1. dah try mmg best.. sgt rekomen sbb lps guna mmg rs anjal jer muka

  2. The serum looks good, plus with many benefits and good price. I believe it does really help a lot!

  3. Jenama safi ni memang dah terkenal dan popular kita pun pada usia mcm ni rasa dah nak menggunakan produk ni hehehe baru nampak awek muda bagus juga ni...