Friday, February 28, 2014

Pretty Little Liars : Hanna Marin's Styles

Well, last time i wrote about Aria, and this time lets move on to the gorgeous it-girl of Rosewood, Hanna Marin!


Hanna Marin

Her style is girly, glamorous & fun! Sometimes sexy but very colorful as well! 
If you're girly, let's steal this it-girl styles! 

Go spring! Hanna always rock the floral, either tops, dresses, pants or even floral belt! I really adore her floral belt that she matched with the cute yellow dress! U can also rock the floral theme, it is quite 'in' right now! For muslim girl, floral headscarf also an option! heee~ Lets add flower power to your outfit, like flowery clutch, purse, or even handphone case!

What Hanna owned the most? I believe it blazers! She wear it with her short dresses, skirts, or just with a plain black pants! She pull it off! She owned not just variety of colors, but also plenty of prints too! She couldn't live without it, doesn't she? ;) It makes everyday's outfits looks more elegant & chic!!! For me, dark colors blazer is a must have... but why not go for pink or peach or even yellow! 

Color blocking is not easy! Wrong step, you'll be in trouble... But for Hanna Marin, well done! Pink with navy; pink and purple; red with anything etc... With black u can never go wrong, but why dont you add some pop of colors in the everyday's outfit! It should be fun! Try coral pants with a blue top! Don't forget to get a matchy2 bag! 


Girlish choice! Ruffles and fringes can make your ordinary outfit more classy! Some of the fringes even make it look edgy! Blazers or jackets (or leather jackets) is a suitable choice to match with these ruffles tops or dresses! That's what hanna did! And it worked! Get edgy-yet-girly looks from hanna! Watch and learn! ;p

Hanna really loves colors! That shows the girly and fun side of her! The mixture of colors she's wearing! I love all of them! Just wear a fun colors outfits and it could change your mood! ;)


She loves to show her slim figure.She sometimes wear belt with her tops, her dresses and sometimes under her blazers! This could create a taller illusion to your appearance! Hanna owns a lot of chic belt... Watch and learn, ladies!


It-girl alert! It-girl can sometimes be cute too! Hanna loves bright colors, not just for her outfit, also anything she hold... Bring a cute tumblr and wrap your phone with cute cover, ladies! ;)


Glamourous & polished! Two words! Hanna never leave house without her black eyeliner! For lips, she always choose pink. She also coloured her eyes with nude eyeshadows. Only for certain occassion she will add some glitters to her eyeshadow. To adopt this, don't forget your pink lipgloss always!


Hanna's style is one of my favourite. For fringes dress/tops, go for Zara. One more thing, don't forget to apply a layer of gloss after your lipstick! ;)

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