Saturday, July 6, 2013

New place

salam. hi...

oh ok, how's my life currently? Erghhh i juz gone through my first week in my new college, yerpz, i further my study, lagi! not far, juz here, in malaysia, in Klang Valley to be exact, in Bandar Sunway, to be more precise... :p

It will be another one year, hopefully... if i pass, or if i'm confident enough to take tons of papers alltogether within a year... What course i'm taking? hmm, i'm accountant to be right previously, so i still in that stream, it not that i loveeeee accounting so much it juz this is my dad's wish, since i was in high school actually, as long as he's happy, i'll be happy :)
U know how's that feels! :p i think he had invested quite an amount and that's enough for me to work hard and pass all these s**t this time 'round... plus, this is for my own benefit as well...

Well, wish me luck peeps!

So, basically lots of classes, quite different from degree since i have to stay awake, for a straight 4-8 hours class for a subject! and i think i can't simply skip the classes, 1st because it is not cheap and secondly the lecturer is very professional to make us understand, and lastly, what i'm gonna do if i'm truly fail? i'll fail if i din listen to lectures! :(((

About this place, to be honest i kinda hate it... Sooo very lack of space! no parking space for students! Oh, there is, actually, but get ready to do tons of walking, or even marathon-ing if u're late for class, it make me sick... and the traffic to enter bandar sunway,u know how, it is really sucks!

Last word, pray for me... sob sob...