Monday, July 8, 2013

Korean BBQ-ing

This actually happened before i started my new college life (semoga i dirahmati Allah, speaking about that i can be so stressed out) ...
So it was, last weekend!

oh we love those barbeque thingy in Seoul Garden
We havent's have that for months already! and been craving for that for months too! 
But look at the above picture even dah lama tak makan those thing i still very sopan there...;p Aww~ tak menipu

So, it a treat before puasa, he said... ;)
I actually really enjoyed seeing him kejap duduk kejap bangun and all that! :D suka sgt! =.=
And lepas siap makan we were like menghela nafas panjang~ :p

But who knows, and why not we go have those buffet during fasting month too?! ;) heee...
Missing the garlic chicken & coffee beef laaaa~ 

No no, we'll find some other buffet la! Good idea eh!

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