Friday, October 18, 2019

KL Tower Mini Zoo

Salam & hi!

 My son, Rifqi is an animal lover
Who doesnt know that? 
I mean, just look at us, once a month we'll go to such place, 'cause he'll mention, animals, garden, zoo or safari, for, he wants to see and interact with those animals.
We have cats at home, but cats are not enough for him, maybe... 

So we decided to take him to KL Tower Mini Zoo few weekends back, to satisfy his "craving" & to let him do his favourite activities.

Ticket price

Adult : RM32
Children : RM27

However, we bought our tickets at Klook and got it cheap! ;)

Overall experience

This mini zoo is managed by the same management as the Farm in The City.
Thus, i would say their mini zoo is a very well kept little farm.

There're birds, reptiles and farm animals.
And you can totally interact and take pictures with most of the animals. And we can also feed the animals such as goats, llama, tortoise, rabbits, racoons etc. 

We tried to fed the birds, too, on that day, but they were already too full, because it was a Saturday, thus too many people fed them already. The birds just lazing around and dont want to come to us! 

Rifqi tried to kiss the wallaby.

Luckily that this goat is still hungry...

The llama is so cute.

The tortoise, gunie pigs and the rabbits are staying in one place. 

And lucky that the racoon was still hungry, too... 

Overall, this mini zoo is worth visiting! 
And u can have ice cream at the Menara KL lobby, after!


  1. Wah bestnya. Tapi tulah Farm In The City pun berapa jengkal je dengan rumah itupun tak dapat nak pegi lagi apakan lagi KL Tower ni.
    But glad to see that your little boy had so much fun.
    Ice cream at the lobby afterwards? Plus point!

  2. Tqa : Haha, kalau farm in the city tak berapa jengkal dari rumah u, means rumah kita pun tak berapa jengkal lah ni :p

    Dr Angel : U're the first one to say that! Thanks! ;)

  3. there's plenty of animals so now im sad. we went there the other day but we didn't go to the zoo. i think it was under maintenance or something. it's so good that your son can express himself so well. the rabbit is sho cutee.