Monday, October 14, 2019

BioXcellent Colla White Diamond

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Recently, I've tried this collagen. Actually I've tried a few other brands, but it hardly suit my taste.
Well, u know, the taste of those collagens, or those jamu, kan, susah nak telan kinda taste :p
But with this one, I manage to actually make it my routine! 

Bio Xcellent Colla White Diamond is something u can take as supplement 'cause it helps a lot in fixing your skin, and overcome your body problems.

My personal experience : After a month of trying Bio Xcellent Colla White Diamond, my dry skin became more hydrated; and I can feel my body becoming more energetic and less tired, it helps me wake up easily in the morning! And of course, I can see myself more beautiful and glowing (ok, yang tu masuk bakul angkat sendiri...)

Benefits of BioXcellent Colla White Diamond

Anyway, I would like to share the benefits of taking BioXcellent Colla White Diamond as your daily supplement shot :

1. Skin is brighter, elastic, fluffy and damp
2. Repairing the skin structure
3. Overcome skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, pigmentation and black spots.
4. Protects from UV rays, free radicals and pollution
5. Replace the nails stronger and address the problem of hair loss
6. Increase the production of breast milk
7. Overcoming body problems
8. Reducing fine lines & pores,
9. Reduce eye puffiness,
10. Strenghten hair & nails,
11. Reducing Wrinkles
12. Soften rough elbox & knees.
13. Premium ingredients provide essential substances for the skin.


Ok, speaking about the taste, again, why I can accept this collagen, this is because, the ingredients consists of, fruits and berries, that's why it taste better, than any other collagens :

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Mixed berries (enriched with anti-oxidants)
Tripeptide Collagen
Acacia gum
Grapes Extract
Rasberri & Pomegranate

Directions for use : 

Mix 1 scope (20 grams) into 200ml / 250ml of warm water, stirring / shaking until dissolve and drink immediately after preparation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for the best impression.

Anyway, u can get this collagen in Watson.
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  1. Kadang2 we need a little bit of that masuk-bakul-angkat-sendiri kind of attitude to feel good about yourself.

    Saya rasa saya ada nampak ni masa pegi Watsons baru2 ni. Baru tau fungsi2 dia.