Saturday, September 7, 2019

Penang: Day 3 (Entopia Butterfly Farm, Hameediyah Restaurant, Lagenda Cafe,Padang Brown Foodcourt Penang Street Art)

It was our last day in Feringhi so we spent the whole morning at the pool and the beach.
Eventhough the weather that morning was bad at first, Alhadulillah it got better throughout the morning...

And we went to a lot of places today, but Entopia was Rifqi's favourite of course 
(Hameediyah was my favourite lol, it's all about food)

So, there you go... Day 3 in Penang...

Batu Feringhi Beach, Golden Sands Resorts

Rifqi's favourite place of all place.
He loves laut... Tak habis2 nak laut... He prefer the laut over the pool.

Too in love with the beach. 
Me with new cardi, (baru beli kat Feringhi Night Market hehehe)

Getting ready to check out from the hotel. Got lollipop again asa souvenir :p

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

This is our 2nd visit to Entopia, our first time was back in 2018. 

Since we went there on a weekday, the place was like, empty...
We dont even know who to help us take a family photo.
There's no other tourists when we were in there.
But a few people came afterward... But tak dapat lah tangkap family photo, sebab kitaorang dah chow dah time tourists lain datang :p

And last but not least, we got free ice creams from the Entopia. 
Well, thanks!

At the entrance... With peace sign, dah 3 tahun lah katakan...

My forever baby... 

Semua orang pun berpeluang merakamkan OOTD eh!

Trying to attract the butterflies... But during this visit, butterfly semua sombong, tak singgah kat kitaorang~

Yes, all of us wearing yellow today! Maybe the butterflies doesnt like yellow

Habis madu sepah dibuang... 

And this boy got so tired after the butterfly visit.

Hameediyah Restaurant, Lebuh Campbell

Another restaurant, checked!

We heard that their Biryani is da bomb. So we went there to give it a try.
But when browsing thru the lauk-lauk, i changed my mind, i want Nasi Kandar, to pair with telur ikan and hati lembu... Mak aih sedapnya...

So husband took the chance to eat Beriyani... And he took Ayam Bawang
And pergi letak kuah campuq jugak =.=

But i managed to tasted his beriyani, and it was so sedap! Sedap gilo!
Nasi Kandar pun sedappp!!!

Total bills was RM45, alongside with one mihun goreng bungkus, air sirap ais & ais kosong.
I think it's so worth it, plus, i got TWO slice of telur ikan, which i had to finished, alone.
Laki ceq tak makan teluq ikan...

Mana tuuu telur ikan kesayangan ceq.... Hei sedapnyeee...

And we took the chance to take a picture at Lebuh Campbell. Mula2 kami nak self timer je, but there's an uncle chinese tauke kedai seberang, dia kesian tengok kita struggle, so dia tanya nak dia tolong ka...
Thank u so much uncle! Ye, nak! :p

Lagenda Cafe, Lebuh Campbell

After finish with our late lunch, Rifqi was still asleep, so we decided, why not we go cafe hunting cum dating.
Anak kan tidoq...

There're a few cafe there in Lebuh Campbell, as we walk thru the row of shops, we finally entered Lagenda Cafe.
Browse thru the menu, i choosed the Sagoo Do-Re-Mi (RM8) and husband with his usual Long Black (RM8).

Tried out my Sagoo Gula Melaka or Sagoo Do-Re-Mi katanya...

Lagenda Cafe, Penang

The owner of the cafe must be somekind of P-Ramlee's fan.

One with anak.

Royale Chulan, Penang

For our last night in Penang, hubs booked Royale Chulan, without me knowing...
Actually he booked all the hotels by himself, without me knowing.
Surprise konon, menyampah =.=

Rifqi only awake when we arrived at the hotel.
And when we tried to fed him with the meehoon, he refused, so kitaorang cepat2 get ready for dinner, 'cause Rifqi must be very hungry...

And, we lovin' the hotel, of course.

Medan Selera Padang Brown

Well known for their celur-celur.
But we're not into celur-celur that night, we wanted to try something else, anything that we can!

I ordered Kuey Teow Goreng Ayam sebab terliur tengok Kuey Teow/Mee Goreng dia, it costs me RM9, I was quite shocked knowing that Kuey Teow Goreng Sotong is cheaper than Kuey Teow Goreng Ayam. Lantak hangpa la!

Other than that, we ordered Nasi Goreng Cina for Rifqi (RM5), Sate, and Pasembor (RM5.50), I ambil sikit je pasambor tu, tu yg harga berpatutan! 

My kuey teow was delicious, nasib baik delicious tau!
The pasembur, biasa ja, not as good as Gurney.
Sate pun biasa ja...

Beca & Penang Street Art

And, after dinner, we tried our luck to find the beca ride, we heard that there's a lot of beca at the Armenian Street.
But on the way there, we're lucky we met a pakcik at the roadside, he's sending his customers back to their car, so we waited for him to fetch us...

The cost for the beca ride is RM40 for one whole hour.
Plus, he'll take you to all the ever famous murals and painting.
So we got to see all the murals, and take pictures with them without having trouble at all.

Actually we parked our car near to this mural while wating for the pakcik beca.

We went back to our room almost midnight, and we called it a night...


  1. All the food photos makes me drool!
    Nanti nak try lah singgah Lagenda Cafe sebab selalu kalau pegi asyik lalu je, tak masuk pun.

  2. Fuzy Hamid: Yes kak! Memang cantik especially untuk tangkap gambar! ;)

    Tqa London : Yes! There's more menu from Lagenda Cafe, i saw a mat salleh was eating somekind of nasi, with macam2 lauk kat Lagenda, i was like, nasib baik aku baru makan nasi kandaq! :p