Friday, September 6, 2019

Penang: Day 2 (Restoran Deen Nasi Kandar, Penang Hill, The Little Village, Long Beach Massage, Pak Mid Cafe)

2nd day in Penang, full of excitement.
Biasalah bercuti memang macamtu kan, first day, tenang setenang air yang tenang (eh), 2nd day, macam konon nak pulun... 

So that morning, after a scrumptious breakfast at Garden Cafe, Golden Sands Resorts, we, of course, spent some times at the beach and pool first, and after that get ready to go out.

The plan for that day was just, Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera.

A decent family photo taken by a receptionist at the hotel lobby...

The first picture shown, was the one and only decent family photo.
The others look like this photo!

Deen Nasi Kandar @ Jelutong

After a good swim, of course, we're all straving and all we can think off is, Nasi Kandar. 
By the way, the traffic in Penang during lunch hour was quite, hectic.
So it took some times for us to reach Jelutong. 
Lapar sampai macam nak makan orang jugak lah... 
(Orang tu tak lain tak bukan, Rifqi :p) 

At Deen Nasi Kandar, I had my favourite lauk, telur ikan of course and bendi rebus, plus kuah campur; Izzat had ayam goreng and peria goreng and Rifqi just had ayam goreng.
Total was RM27.50, plus one Sirap Ais & SST (Thank you gov)

Memorable nasi kandar!

Penang Hill

Our next destination was, Penang Hill/Bukit Bendera.
We've promised Rifqi to take him to go on a cable car ride since in KL. 
But, he said, ni train la mama...
And then i told him, this is cable-car-train...

The ticket price for the cable car is only RM11 per adult.

In our ride.

Somewhere in Penang Hill. Asal nampak bunga je kita bergambar!

Nampak tiang ala-ala instaworthy, bergambar!

The Little Village

And on the top of the hill, we just take picture, and we also enter a place called The Little Village.

Ticket price : RM10 per adult; 
RM5 for kids above 110cm. 

So we paid RM20. 
Tu pun after my husband insist them to measure Rifqi's height, ternyata, belum 110cm lagi =.=
Otherwise they wanted to charge another RM5, seboleh boleh suruh bayaq.

From what the staff at the front described to us, they're animals there, that's why we entered.
But, hampeh, yes there were animals, they did not lied.
But not as what we expected.
There were a lil bit of birds, squirel, tortoise, bee... dalam sangkar... Kecik, and sikit.
Mengecewakan sangat!

But anyhow, it was quite a nice place to take pictures.

Excited nak tengok animals, sekali... 

Still in the Little Village...
Entering a shop that selling honey products.

Halah dwarf belakang tu pun...

After Penang Hill, we went back to our hotel. And Rifqi was already fast asleep in the car.
So, no swimming that evening.

So husband and i decided to just go get some foot massages since Rifqi is sleeping.
To get massages at night is quite impossible 'cause Rifqi sleep late...

Pak Mid Cafe

As for dinner, we were too lazy to go out from the Feringhi, plus, it's our last day in Feringhi.
So, i suggested we have dinner in a restaurant i saw everytime we drove along Feringhi.

Pak Mid Cafe catched my eyes, and the foods served there were ok, nice.

I ordered Mee Goreng Mamak, Nasi Goreng Cina for Rifqi and Izzat had Char Kuey Teow.
Price range starts from RM7.

And of course, sirap (for me and Rifqi) and ais kosong for Izzat.

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