Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Penang: Day 1 (Restoran Kapitan, Gurney Drive Foodcourt)

Salam and hello again Penang.
I'm so glad that I gotta be in Penang once again with my lil family.
Penang has always been our favourite getaway, because in Penang, we can have it all!
Beach, foods, places etc.

So went there on a Sunday and spent 4 days on the island. 
Since we're there on working days, everything was so easy and not crowded. 

Restoran Kapitan, Lebuh Chulia

On the first day, we departed from home around 9am, and reached Penang around 2pm.
And we straight away look for a place to have lunch.

We pass through Hameediyah Restaurant & Deen Maju Restaurant in Georgetown, but the line seems long, and our tummy couldnt wait any longer. So we decided to have lunch in somewhere less crowded. Kapitan Restaurant seems comfortable, so we headed there.

Chicken beriyani (RM11), Lamb Beriyani (RM12)

We still remember how good the claypot beriyani was, so both of us ordered Beriyani. One lamb beriyani and one chicken beriyani.

At first we were thinking to just share the rice with Rifqi, but the rice seems too spicy for him, so we had to order plain rice with fried chicken for him, tu pun makan sikit je =.=

With one sirap ais and one hot lemon, it just cost us RM30+ .

The rice is so juicy and the meats are so tender. Worth every ringgit. 

Golden Sands Resorts, Batu Feringhi

For our first and second night in Penang, we choosed to stay at the Feringhi area.
So that we could enjoy nice pool, beach and sands, flea market and massages as well.

Rifqi, biasalah, the happiest, when we reached the hotel.
Plus, the hotel is his type :p (eh cakap dengan cermin ke)

While checking in...

An evening at the pool

And after checking in, we clean ourselves and straight away headed to the pool.
What a nice weather to swim that evening. 
We just wanna enjoy the pool first, eventhough Rifqi kept on asking about laut...

One best thing about Golden Sands Resorts is, in the evening, there will be an uncle with a bicycle provide us with various kacang.

Memang best la santai by the pool sambil makan kacang. For freeeeeee.....

Picture courtesy to google...
That's so not my hand :p

My little Rifqi ♥
Dont grow up too fast please...

Gurney Drive Foodcourt

And for the first night, me and husband, dah tak sabaq dah nak pekena makanan penang.
We drove to Gurney Drive Foodcourt and had our dinner there!

We love Gurney Drive, the foods are so good, and the price is reasonable either.
The Pasembur is one of the best!

I ordered Pasembur (RM12), Char Kuey Teow (RM6),
Meehoon Goreng tak mau pedas for Rifqi (RM5), husband ordered Mee Goreng Sotong (RM7), and Rifqi requested for Kerang Bakar (RM12), which end up, papa and mama dia kena habiskan, dah lah i tak suka kerang =.=
ANAK punya pasal...

Plus dengan air, total damage was around RM40+. But we were so satisfied with all the foods.
The Mee Goreng Sotong and Pasembur are especially delicious!!!

This is the pasembur stall i was talking about... 

Kerang tak sampai lagi masa ni... 


Batu Feringhi Flea Market

And to end our night, we had a stroll along the night market near to our hotel.

And gotta bought a cardi for myself, with a good bargain.
And bought a Spiderman tshirt for Rifqi, which cost us RM30.
Tak boleh kurang langsung, sebab Rifqi nak, tu yang cina jual baju tu tak kasi kurang =.=


  1. Lamanya tak makan nasi beriyani kapitan. Looks tempting!

  2. The best claypoy beriyani in townnn! Sedap kan kan!

  3. omg we've been wanting since forever to do a trip to penang. this is such a nice guide!

  4. Thanks!!! And yeah, Penang is fun with lots of foods!
    There's more restaurants to explore, i pun tak sempattt! :p