Monday, August 19, 2019

Glaze Eatery @ Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya

Few days before Raya Haji, we went here for our lunch.
I just adore Tamarind Square and would love to try every cafes there.

This time 'round, we choosed Glaze Eatery.
The crowd for the day was small, so it was very comfortable to sit and dine there.

Looking thru the menu, we finally decided to order a Salted Egg Chicken dish, Buttered Chicken dish and a Carbonara for Rifqi.

The Foods

The foods were fine.
Our rice dishes were served with some greens and cracker, it just, i prefer to have more gravy.
Just thinking of Buttered Chicken or Salted Egg Chicken, with lotsa gravy, just makes me drool...

Rifqi's Carbonara Spaghetti was good as well! 
We (me and hubs) helped Rifqi finished that pasta, anyway...

Teh O Ais, just for our lil one, of course.

The Price

The prices of the foods are very reasonable, i tell u!
After paying our foods, husband told me that he's shocked that the total doesn't even hit RM40.

The prices ranges from RM10 to RM30

And the drinks were cheap too!

The Ambience

It was nice having lunch/dinner facing the tall buildings in Cyberjaya.
(tall buildings in Cyberjaya was so odd and rare last time...)
Phew, look at how things change throughout the years.
So many memories Izzat and I had here.

Oh ok back to the story...

Anyhow, Glaze Eatery should really invest more in the interior, to make customers more comfortable.
The word that they should refer to is, instaworthy
That's what people nowadays search for the most... :p

Having his foods happily, 'cause we're taking him out instead of eating at home :p

I choosed Buttered Chicken, so Izzat gotta have Salted Egg Chicken :p

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