Monday, November 26, 2018

Langkawi : Day 1 (Arrival, Holiday Villa Resorts Langkawi)

31/10/2018 (Wed)

We departed from KLIA 2 at 2.30 pm and reached Langkawi around 1 hour later.
Alhamdulillah for the safe flight.

Rifqi was exciting, 'cause now he know how to say 'aeroplane' already.
Kept on demanding us (including my parents), "nak naik aeoplane"...
And when he's on the plane, he'll shout out loud "Readyyy, goooo!" 
Nasib baik i bukan artis, malu mama tau sayang...:p

Air Asia is good, the service is awesome.
Only one downside, which is, the room for our legs were too small, it will be tiring for us, especially elderly like my parents to travel for long hours with such space. 
But for short flght, we'll always vote for u, Air Asia! 
Yeah, i mean it! Nak masukkan luggage pun senang je kat KLIA2 tu, their staffs at the airport were very helpful and fast!

Our beautiful ride (tetiba beautiful padahal dah lama tak support AA :p)

Arriving at Langkawi International Airport

Holiday Villa Langkawi

Our favourite hotel in Langkawi.
They have done some renovation as well.
We always love the pool and the beach, and the reasonable price of course.
If tak fikirkan reasonable price, maybe we can go for St Regis :p
Next time, maybe...

Holiday Villa Langkawi
Tak kisah apa pun, yang penting ada pool...

At the lobby

Our view before going out for four days.

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