Monday, November 26, 2018

Langkawi :Day 2 (Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi Wildlife Park, Cenang Nightmarket)

01/11/2018 (Thurs)

Kilim Geoforest Park

I've been checking on the weather forecast throughout our stay in Langkawi, and based on the forecast, only Thursday, won't be raining.
So, we set our itinerary right away, Thursday is Andaman Sea kinda day! 
Kilim Geoforest Park it is! 

Jangan yakin sangat dengan forecast, tak baik percaya ramalan, sepanjang kat Langkawi, tak hujan langsung... =.= 

Kilim Geoforest Park Langkawi

We had our breakfast early and headed to the jetty around 10am+.
Bought our tickets and straight away got our boat.

This was my second time here.

First they'll take u to a fish place and there'll be a restaurant too, if u want to have lunch there.
And we can play around with all the fishes there, u can touch and see the fish, guided by a tour guide.

And next the boat will take u to see the Gua Buaya (camtu lah namanya kalau tak silap)
It's just a cave that looks like a crocodile... Tingkatkan daya imaginasi tu dulu before nak menengok gua tu...

And after that, we'll come out from the mangrove section and headed to the beautiful big blue Andaman Sea.

And, eagle feeding is the activity we've been waiting for.
We gotta see the lazy eagles who's just waited to be fed there! :p

And lastly, the boat will stop at the Gua Kelawar, and we gotta walk inside the cave and see the living bats inside.

Rifqi was so excited throughout the boat ride, and he was so amazed seeing the bats inside the dark cave...

Awal awal sampai je handsome...

He cant wait to go for the boat ride...

Eagle Watching Langkawi
My manja...

My manja, jugak :p

Buaya di Langkawi
Anak bapak.

Harga Tiket Geoforest Kilim
I love seeing the mangrove around us, for me its beautiful.

Bot Murah Geoforest Kilim Langkawi
The must have photo.

Paling kesayangan tu, jangan main-main... 

Langkawi Wildlife Park

Tickets Prices
Adult (Malaysian)- RM35
Kids (Malaysian)- RM25

Adult (Non-Malaysian)- RM50
Kids (Non-Malaysian)- RM30

At first, we didnt planned to visit any animal place today. 'Cause we thought Rifqi gonna be tired from the boat ride and sleep.
But he wasn't.
So we headed to Langkawi Wildlife Park straight away. It was near to the jetty.
Around 3km + only.

Langkawi Wildlife Park
1st snap.
Rifqi said he's scared of the bird... =.=

Sorry i have to post all the three photos to differentiate Rifqi's reaction. I static je pose ayu-ayu gitu... Dah memang ayu nak buat macam mana!

Outside the park, my mom and I insisted that we've never been here, while my papa said we've been here.
Entering the place, i terus teringat, yes, we've been here before. :p
Fine, papa's always right... Nak shopping, pa! (tetiba...)

So, Rifqi ala2 excited lah nampak pelbagai animals...
Excited luaran je...

I dont know maybe he's sleepy already or he's afraid of animals with fur?!
But he scared of racoon lah, rabbit lah...
But he loves to feed animals like giraffe and deer... 
So, i still confused.

So, in here, u can see various kind of birds, some reptiles, and we can feed the deers, rabbits and birds...

Langkawi Bird Park
The white peacock, mungkin kehabisan color.

Langkawi BirdPark Price
Rabbit feeding, kaki Rifqi letak atas =.=

The lovebirds and the birds. ;)

 Feeding all the small birds... Berpeluh-peluh si Rifqi.

This racoon, so cute, pandai merajuk jugak tu...

Family of 4.

Cenang Nightmarket

As everyones know, Cenang has become a shopping wonderland, to woman, especially.
Kat situ lah cari tshirts, seluar batik, pelampung anak, baju batik, selipar batik, spender batik je yang takde...

So, alang-alang, we didnt go back to hotel straight from the Wildlife Park, instead, we straight away go to Cenang, for window shopping, and we had our dinner there, as well!

Forever belanja cucu ice cream

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