Monday, November 26, 2018

Langkawi : Day 3 (Underwater World, Makan Mahsuri, Dataran Lang)

02/11/2018 (Fri)

Morning swim

Just because yesterday Rifqi tak dapat swimming the whole day, his tokki tak puas hati.
Today, the main activity is, pool and beach, first thing first!

And since it's Friday, it was a relaxing day cause we'll start our visit after the guys perform their Solat Jumaat.

And yeayyy, Rifqi love to swim at the beach already! 
He knows how to enjoy the breeze and the sands! :)

Breakfast first, to kickstart the morning.

His new hand float, cause his pelampung dah koyak...:(

And new ball, too...
He insisted to buy the ball, nanti bawak naik flight sendiri!

Underwater World

So, after solat Jumaat, we had our lunch in a warung tepi sawah.
Warung biashe biashe je, tak viral pun... 
And after fueled up our tummy, we headed to another place that is within Rifqi's interest, the Underwater World.

Kalau pergi vacation dengan my papa, memang itenarary kena set untuk Rifqi dulu for the first few days. =.=

The aquarium, for me, boring, really!
As compared to the one in Shanghai and Aquaria KLCC, yang ni, boring...

But Rifqi quite enjoy the journey, he loves to see the penguins and seahorses especially.

But sebelum keluar dari tempat ni, tertidur jugak dia...

There's flamingo at the entrance.

Makam Mahsuri

And next, we just headed to Makan Mahsuri, just for the sake of  'going'.
Rifqi was asleep in the car with my papa.
So its just four of us (me, husband, adik and mama) went in.

Takde Mahsuri kat dalam tu.

Dataran Lang

And at night, we decided to take Rifqi to the Dataran Lang, to see the eagle of course.
We took a few pictures and let Rifqi run and play there.

Restoran Shellout 1Malaysia

As for dinner, malas nak pergi jauh-jauh.
We saw signboard showing there's shellout restaurant there, and we just go.
And these are the foods we got.
It was delicious, and not so pricey.
Ok la, but not so shellout la...
It's a bit pricey actually :p

The rectangular plate filled with all the prawns, clam, crab kinda animals. While the fish shape plate is a Barramundi where they have taken out all the meat and fried with tepung.

We also ordered soft shell crab which was served with mango salad.
This one, was really delicious. Nora bagi 5 bintang.

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