Friday, May 25, 2018

The 3rd Anniversary : Breakfasting @ Le Meridien Putrajaya

It's happens that this year, our anniversary falls on Ramadhan...
We are less and less romantic nowadays, so we only had buffet berbuka puasa for the celebration. 
Plus, romantic is not applicable when Rifqi is around, haha! 

The buffet review

We're so used to Le Meridien dinner buffet.
But as for berbuka puasa, they were some additional menus that can't be seen on a regular days.
They served foods around the globe which includes some Viatnamese cuisines, Indonesian cuisines, Taiwanese cuisines, Hong Kong's cuisines, besides the usual Indian, Chinese, Western, Japanese cuisines...

As usual, i always loves their sushi & western cuisines such as lasagna & beef/lamb stew!
They were superb!

The downside was, some of the foods are already cold and not so fresh, that's all!
Only some! But most of the foods were freshly made!

I'll definitely come back to Le Meridien regularly for any celebrations!

Oh, besides the dinner, i also received a flower bouquet from my husband... 
Love u, sayang! ♥

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