Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Rifqi turns 2

To Rifqi :

My birthday boy. My forever baby

Happy birthday my beloved son, my first born, and my forever baby...
(He'll read these one day :p)
Mama loves u and u know it! 

At the age of two, u have grown so much, in my eyes... It just, sometimes, i still always thought that u are still a baby...
U talked a lot, so many movements, u learnt fast, and just, sometimes u showed your attitude, which, mama don't like, and will change u across the time... 
Other than that, u are such a good boy and u always behaving well when mama needs to cook, or sidai kain. 
As long as u have the Furchestor Hotel (your favourite show) on the tv screen, u'll be okay.

And since u're two years old, u don't watch BabyTV channel anymore. 
Yeah, u're not a baby anymore anyway! Right!

Mama definitely will write more about u, across the time! 

The Celebration

This is just a small celebration between Rifqi, me and his papa.
We just sang the birthday song, blew the candles, cut the cake, and had dinner together! 
That's the best of all afterall, spending times together just the three of us! ♥

First celebration happened at The Coffee Bean Midvalley, where we had the cake for berbuka puasa & then had dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market.

Siap sikat rambut!


And since Rifqi loves to blow the candles so much, we bought him another cake while having our iftar at Plan B, Publika on another day.

And i still hasn't figure out whether or not to have a big celebration for his 2nd birthday.
We'll see!


some of the foods we had...

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