Monday, June 11, 2018

Inisfree Hauls & Reviews of Orchid Enriched Cream & Matte Full Cover Cushion

Inisfree has always been my FAVOURITE KOREAN SKINCARE BRAND!
This started when i visited Seoul last year! 
Skincare shops are everywhere, and i tried quite a lot of brands from the visit, but i totally in love with Inisfree! 

Inisfree offer the best deal in terms of price and quality!!!

My latest Inisfree Haul

I'm out of moisterizer, and i straight away opt for Inisfree. 
I didnt even look at other brands, okay!
Anyway, i did read some reviews first on the internet regarding which products to get, and i am so interested in getting skincare with anti aging  function. 

Sales - OMG kinda prices!

And when i was in the shop, it was 31st May, and i just knew Inisfree was having sales and that day was the last day, the deals were so good! 
If u buy RM100 and above, u'll get rebate RM10 immediately. 

So, I picked what i looked for, moisterizer.

The Orchid Enriched Cream was RM110 and I get free Orchid Lotion as well. 

And then i walked to the cushion foundations sections to buy refills for my cushion.
Too bad my favourite Sand (N27) was finished.
But the salesgirl told me that if today i purchased a cushion refill and a casing, I'll get another FREE refill and puff.
So i had to, choose another shade and i choosed Walnut(N31).

So, my total bill was RM200+ but i only have to pay RM196! And i got so many items! 
Jimat dah!

And also, I got FREE Real Squeeze Masks when i spent RM100. :))))

Review : Orcid Enriched Cream

I've used it for a few weeks, and i'm loving the outcome.

The texture of this product, it is easy to absorb and it makes me feel refreshed. 
Loving the smells as well. It smells good and refreshing! Not too heavy.
And as the outcome, i can see my skin is a bit more glowing than before. I'm happy with it! 

Review : Matte Full Cover Cushion in Walnut(N31)

I'm loving Sand(N27) so so much and I was quite dissapointed with its absent!
Walnut is not bad after all.
I love to use cushion which is same as my skintone or one tone darker.
So, Sand and Walnut both works well on my skin, as it blends perfectly with my skintone.

I ain't professional makeup artist and i used makeup on daily basis, so i wanted something that blend well with my makeup look, cause i don't have time to adjust my makeups all the time.
I love foundation that is the same as my skintone or one tone darker 'cause it wont looks fake on my face.

So, Walnut(N31) is good for someone not too fair and not too dark (Mid-tone) skin, like me.
(If u dont want to look fake!)  

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