Monday, April 1, 2013

Career Fair & Shoe Festival

Last weekend, in the afternoon, for the very first time i went to this huge career fair! So crowded, it fun though... No, i'm kidding, it not that fun haha :p

Then, yeah, it a lotttttts of interesting company out there, banks, companies from various industries etc.

Grabbed these during the career fair, and some pens too~

Some of the companies also gave us sweets! Sweet sangat ;p

And the shoe festival, nothing much, it like a place with whole bunch of shoes they're selling, from designer shoes to cheap shoes were there~
However, i was not gotta meet Jimmy Choo~ haha!
Didn't buy any, but izzat and i got some RM 10 foot massage there... 

*face of the day*
Hee~ ;)


Piranti Sakinah said...

waw :) lezat sekali tampaknya menu yg ada di blogg you :D pengen rasanya mencoba :D
Salam persahabatan

A Girl Like You said...

Salam juga :)

Sorry baru notice this comment :)