Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes

Whenever we go out, "where to eat" is quite a question!
But this time, tanpa banyak soal, he stood in front of the Paddington's door, and terus masuk!
Senang! :p Yelah, kalau tak nanti i banyak cerewet pulak nnti! 
Itu lah ini lah~ 

We went for d The Curve branch...
In conclusion, it a nice place to dine and all the price we pay, is worth it!

Lookin' up at the menu, this restauratn offered quite a wide range of selections!

Went there for lunch, yeah, lunch at 4pm, it still considered lunch, because, we can't simply skip lunch ya know! :p yeah right~

So since it "lunch time", and we were like, starving, so we BOTH decided to order, savoury typeof  foods...
Eventhough at first, i was like opt for dessert kind of food on the menu, but seeing him ordering something heavy, i pun fikir, mana cukup makan benda alah ni je, so order yang heavy jugak! ;p

My Apple + honey
It very applicious!

His coffee...

My pancake (vege)

I'm satisfied with my meal actually! And u can see how it filled with tomato, cucumber, olive etc and it very cheezy! ;)

And that one was his meal!

Basically, really love the place, love the foods! And would really like to try all the other pancakes!
And would like totry the 


Noor Shahida said...

nyum3,the food looks good,boleh la try nnt =)

A Girl Like You said...

Yes2! it quite god actually! ;)

A Girl Like You said...


Wiida Ribbon said...

Alamak! Nampak Sedap la. Kat mana ni? how about the price? Do you mind to share it with me? Cause Im interested to try but afraid not afford to pay. hahha

A Girl Like You said...

Wiida :

Memang nampak sedap! yg penting it suit ur taste!

For those pancakes we had, one is RM 16 and another 1 is RM 17... And drinks ada yang RM 8 and so on la, but the prices is still not that ridiculous la! ;)u should try! ;)

mira said...

looks yummy! :)