Friday, April 5, 2013

My favourite me time ♥ (Currently)

To write this kind of post, whoa it takes a lot of time ya know, coz i need to find a time and that passionate mood to start typing, haha~ ok , ridiculous introduction.

1. Online

This is definitely my VERY VERY favourite! Googling, about clothes, foods, celebrities, alone in the room, 
best way to spend my time!

2. Watching favourite movies/series

Chilling alone on bed, watching my favourite gossip girl ke, or any chick flick movies, sometimes my mood were into actions, *and sometimes i even watched barbie* :p
And sometimes, Karoot Komedia / Maharaja Lawak Mega! Syok wooo!

3. Playin' games on the phone

Current addiction, yang kat bawah ni la, Campus Life & Candy Crush...
however i used to play fashion story lah, bakery story etc ;)

4. Read novels!!! Or sometimes any magazines~ 

Kalau start2 baru baca, xbest, tapi bila dah sampai klimaks dia, WOWWW! Memang xsabar2! ;p
Currently reading this novel below by Sophie Kinsella!

5. Put on mask... Ok, me time jugak kan! ;)

My favourite mask from Clinique & mask pemberian Syaz, my roomie! ;)

6. And last but not least, new favourite me time, cook & bake :p 

Yeah... when i'm all alone at home! heee
That's why lately tak habis2 baca buku resepi, or even search for recipes on the internet bla bla bla~

Thats all for now~ Hmmm~ And those are my me time dekat hostel ni, yang bakal ditinggalkan, soon :((
Except for cooking la, cooking, kat rumah :p

Me time is FUN trust me! and well u need to spend it sometimes k girls! ;) till d next post! ;)

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