Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fikcles @ TTDI

Salam and hi! 
Okay before i get back to the second part of the Bangkok thingy, i would like to first share this one dining place, which located at TTDI

I just can't wait to share because the foods and the restaurant was awesome! Moderate and relaxing. In a good way! 

We didn't plan to come here for dinner, but as we passed by, izzat saw the restaurant and make a quick turn, like so sudden and i'm so menyampah... Yeah we tried new restaurants all the time, sometimes we hit the right place but sometimes we did not (which, i didn't share it here, hehe) :p but lucky that this Fikcles place was good!!! 

Oh, we just romantic liddat...

I ordered Salted Egg Squid Tortilla
RM 17.90

It was so so delicious! Different and yummy! Sedap sangat!
Feels like i'm in My Kitchen Rules or something :p

His Linguini Carbonara
RM 15.90

Ohhhh the pasta was full of mushrooms, different kinds of mushroom, and also chicken strips!
Super delicious!!! The sauce was so sufficient!

The plain water in that bottle was RM 2

But because the foods were good, i forgive 'em for that... Lol... 

Fikcles is such a good place for u to try! So, go give it a try peeps! 

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