Monday, November 3, 2014

Bangkok ~ Pattaya : Part 1 (Chatucak Market, Assiatique, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market)

On the firsrt day, we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport late at night, checked in and zzzzz....

Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok

Papa booked the hotel from Agoda and we got ourself two rooms!
And my room which i shared with my grandma & adik, was so big...

This hotel is located in the tallest tower in Bangkok (according to them) siapa them? i pun tak tau...
And downstairs, it quite easy to find halal foods... Just, walk around and u'll find arabic foods, and halal thai foods as well!

Haiz sedap~

However, since we're in Bangkok, memang tak daoat lah nak breakfast kat hotel bagai.... Sebab mesti ada benda2 yang tak berkenaan, so, it safer this way... ;p

Day 2

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok
My family & i booked the flight tickets on weekend to ensure that we got a chance to go to this weekend market. First, i tried to reserved Friday tickets, however, did not manage to get it, so we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport on Saturday night(late at night) and gotta explore this market the next morning...

On day 1, first thing first, our tour guide brought us to a Gems Gallery, displaying and selling Thailand's gems product. Managed to got myself an amethyst (purple is amethyst right?), at a very very low price! The gems are real, anyway... 
Why should i waste this chance! ;)

After that, we headed to the Chatuchak Market.

Mungkin dari luar nampak seperti pasar borong selangor, tapi inside is shopping heaven!

This market sells mainly everything!!! From t-shirts, shoes, slippers, clothes, artificial flowers, home decors, women's accessories, fabrics, foods (most of the foods are non-halal), simply everything! Some local people in the Gems Gallery told us to decide what to buy 1st so that we wouldn't be wandering around the market. However, that's what travelling are for, exploring, doesn't it?!

I really don't mind...

The prices of the stuffs here are super cheap!!!
Everything was so nice, but i still could control myself :p

Bought lots lots of t-shirts and souvenirs from here of course! 
The prices, hmm u couldn't ask for more!

Bought some home decor products, t-shirts, a blouse, flip flop and keychains (obviously)...

However, we couldnt find stalls that sell authentic thai silk, so our tour guide brought us to a textile store on out 3rd day in Bangkok.

We had lunch at one of the restaurant  at the Arabic Street.


At night, again, here we are, to another shopping paradise, Asiatique!

 Asiatique is opened at night. It is like a market, with a proper presentation! :p

Sold all sorts of things too, shawls, clothes, shoes, jerseys etc.

Most of the people get here by  boat because i heard it is so sooo convenient to go by boat from the LRT station. 
Since we had our own driver, we went to this place by car. Hmm, anyhow, i wish we took the boat 'cause it seems fun! :p

But boat is crowded, tu je...

One of the pretty shop there... 

There are a lot of fancy restaurant here, if this was Malaysia, i'm gonna try it all... However only this stall (picture below) and one indian restaurant were serving halal foods

The kebab is yumms!!!!! 

I managed to get myself some shawls and a blouse, quite pretty, and it cost me only 180 baht, which is around RM 18! 

Yeayyy for that! Well done! :p

Day 3

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Entering day 2 of the trip... 
Actually, there are several floating markets in Bangkok, but from what i read from the internet, this is the most famous one, and it is one of the bangkok's attraction. 

Headed to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market after had brunch at Restoran Faridah (One of the halal stall in Bangkok)

At the ticket counter, we had to pay for the boat (1200 baht/person), monkey show (250 baht/person), crocodile show (300 baht/person) & elephant ride (600 baht/person). However, the monkey show, crocodile show and elephant ride were optional! 

In the floating market, they sells all sorts of stuffs as well. It was quite pricey as compared to the Chatuchak's. But the view was splendid. For me, this market is unique & full of culture

I enjoyed the boat ride so much!

Di KL, Boat Noodle mmg tengah 'in' sekarang... Ni pulak boat noodle versi thai... 
jemput makan...

However, when it comes to the shows, to be honest, it were all sucks
Sorry to say, the price doesn't match the quality of the shows, at all! 

I would say, crocodile shows in Malaysia (Sarawak for example, is more satisfying!)

In the middle of elephant ride with my brother... 

This floating market was really nice, but u just gotta becareful since they are so good at eating up your money!

Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok

 In the evening, we went to the Siam area to look around and to buy some souvenirs from the Hard Rock Cafe...

All the huge shopping malls are located here! 
Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery etc. 

Of course i wont let go of the chance to walk around boutiques like Victoria Secrets, Sephora, Forever 21 etc. 
Surveyed on some of the item's prices and realized that the prices are actually a bit higher than Malaysia due to currency, so we didn't actually bought anything from the malls.

Hard Rock Cafe,  Bangkok.


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