Friday, November 7, 2014

Bangkok ~ Pattaya : Part 2 (Madame Tussauds)

Madame Tussauds, Bangkok

This madame tussauds is located in the heart f Bangkok, at the Siam Paragon area.
Displaying ONLY FAMOUS personalities from whole wide world, do not expect to see Miley Cyrus or something okay~ well, lucky that there is Cristiano Ronaldo, my boyfriend.

I booked the tickets online since  we were still in Malaysia. Way easier & cheaper!
There is price difference if u buy an early birds tickets (where u have to enter Madame Tussaud before 12pm), and i bought that one! 

I know i stand in line until u think u have the time to spend an evening with me...

My hero... 
well, he consumed Herbalife a lot lately... hahaha

Kenkonon peminat liverpool sekarang! :p

Ok this obama looks a lil too skinny, haha! :p
Penat bertahun-tahun berdiri kat belakang tu agaknya

Restoran Farida, Bangkok

And from what i read on the interet, saw a lot of people who went to Bangkok mentioned Restoran Farida as one of the top Muslim restaurant. It isn't a big or fancy restaurant, it just a stall selling mixed rice (nasi campur) which perfectly suit our Malaysian taste buds (especially my papa's taste bud).

And i'm so happy, too that, we could eat malay foods here!

Mine! Kan menyelerakan, tuu!

Rebung pun adee! ko ade?

Bee Farm

After Madame Tussauds, we straight away headed to Pattaya City (only stopped for lunch).
On the way, we dropped by a honey bee farm and bought some honey...

Our guide in this farm was surprisingly Muslim, despite of how hard to find Muslim foods in Thailand! :p

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